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Put It In Writing

By Rob Wicker

In an earlier blog we discussed the benefits of conducting real estate seminars.  Business organizations, investment clubs, and social groups are always looking for speakers, and in such an unusual market there is a huge demand for informed opinion about real estate.  Depending on your areas of expertise, you can deliver guidance on market conditions, home buying, home selling, and real estate as an investment.

Public speaking is a learned skill so if you don’t have experience it takes a little chutzpah to get out there.  In my experience, a key to success in public speaking is taking the time to write a good presentation.  

When I say write the presentation, I mean to literally write down every word you are going to say. Most professional speakers are delivering their presentation to you exactly as they wrote it, even if the speech appears to be off the cuff. Many years ago I worked in Miami at the Regional Headquarters for Century 21. I traveled the sales meeting circuit with speakers that made hundreds of thousands, and in a few cases, millions of dollars a year. All of these speakers gave the same presentation day after day, rarely changing a word, and none of them sounded canned.

Here’s an even better example. When I was in college at UNC-Chapel Hill, I attended a speech by the great broadcaster David Brinkley. If you are of a certain age, you will recall that Brinkley had a way of emphasizing specific words—a style that successfully held your attention. A friend of mine introduced Brinkley to the audience, so after the speech I went up on stage to talk to my friend. I noticed that Brinkley left his notes on the lectern. I was curious about how a pro like Brinkley approached a speech, and so I read his notes. His speech had not only been funny, it appeared to be at least somewhat ad-libbed. However, Brinkley’s notes revealed that every word was planned, and he even went so far as to underline the words he wanted to emphasize. It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard.

Sometimes you can wing a presentation and pull it off—but you’ll eventually screw up. Also, most of the time you’ll be much more nervous winging it than you would be with a prepared text.  If writing is not your forte, hire someone to help you. You can go to elance.com and hire a freelance writer. Give the writer the points you want to make. Tell the writer you’ll need a fifteen minute and a forty-five minute version of the speech so that you’re able to cover different opportunities. For two hundred bucks or so the writer will craft a speech that you can deliver all over town.


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We Make Ad Writing Easy

by Adrian Amos

Not many people enjoy facing a blank page. Whether you’re posting a blog article, creating a marketing flyer or updating your website—writing can be challenging.

For many agents, writing captions for their advertised listings is frustrating. There are no doubt days when writing captions is the last thing you’re in the mood to do. Homes & Land is here to help.

The Homes & Land control panel has a Caption Writer that takes the information you’ve selected and turns it into a coherent paragraph. I think you’ll be impressed by the quality of copy that Caption Writer delivers. Use Caption Writer as a starting point (and then edit the copy it gives you) or as free writing pass on those days when words are not your friends.

This video shows you how to use the Homes & Land caption writer.

Happy Writing!

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