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Luxury real estate: Leap past high-end listing hurdles


Ever needed enough space to park 100 cars? That’s roughly the amount of space available inside a 12,000-square-foot luxury home. Now let’s throw in crystal chandeliers, a few fireplaces, custom cabinetry, a gym, a game room and a lot the size of two football fields. Type up a listing, slap on a price tag and get that house on the market. Piece of cake, right?

Not quite.

The Herculean task of finding qualified buyers for high-end properties is as difficult as it is rewarding. The blood, sweat and tears (and dollars) that go into each transaction could easily give way to feelings of despair. But arrive at a closing or settlement and see the achievement boost your stature in the luxury real estate market.

It’s time to make the odds work in your favor, which means it’s time to set aside the conventional approach and elevate your listing’s profile.

Fly a banner for the manor: Since bigger is better, avoid pictures the size of postage stamps. Large, high-quality listing display photos — appearing both online and in glossy magazines — present a more eye-catching first look at your luxury property.

Mind your mail: Once your listing is polished to perfection in print, be sure to take advantage of direct mail to get the magazine in the hands of the right audience. Who is the right audience, you ask?

High-end home seekers: The right audience is affluent and qualified; and not every media source is equal when it comes to building trust and reaching this demographic. The market research experts at Nielsen, for example, determined magazines are top dog in the trust-building department.

Inroads in the old country: Remember to reach out to our neighbors across the pond. According to the Coldwell Banker Previews International Luxury Market Report, 20 percent of all international buyers in 2012 came from Western Europe.

Say “ni hao” to Asia: Hello, China! Coldwell Banker Previews reports that 39 percent of all international buyers in 2012 came from Asia. Your listing plans should include a gateway to these up-and-coming global players.

Looking for the total package? Find out how your local Homes & Land publisher can tailor the right combination of advertising to fit your specific goals. Be sure to ask about the Estates & Homes section for high-end properties, and our international partnership with The Wall Street Journal.

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What’s Going On With Those Low Mortgage Rates?

by Rob Wicker

There are a lot of super-low mortgage rates being advertised. For example some of the 30-year rates are promoted as under 4%.

However, securing a rate that low may be difficult. Annamarie Androitis of the Wall Street Journal explains what is happening in the mortgage marketplace. http://bit.ly/orD2Vx

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Social Networks Can’t Replace Socializing

Jonah Lehrer offers observations about social media and human nature in his article “Social Networks Can’t Replace Socializing”(WSJ.com). In reviewing the recently released Google+, Lehrer says its main selling point is its “attempts to mirror the reality of our offline social life. (The tagline for the network is Real-life sharing, rethought for the Web).”

Lehrer also reminds us of other “new technologies” that were going to end the need for face-to-face communication: the telephone, fax, email and the Internet. But we’re hard-wired for human interaction as Harvard economist Edward Glaeser states, “millions of years of evolution have made us into machines for learning from the people next to us.”

Read his article on WSJ.com.

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You Need To Read This Article

by Rob Wicker

The April sales numbers for real estate were quite gloomy. No doubt there is some tough sledding ahead; however, this article from the Wall Street Journal explains why the gloom may not last long.

The article is not ony an interesting read, it includes important information to show your prospects and clients why the best time to act is now.   



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Overcoming Objections

by Rob Wicker

Do you have trouble overcoming objections? Or maybe you just give up as soon as you hear an objection. If so, you need a system that’s easy for you to remember and use. Real estate trainer Dirk Zeller offers these six steps to overcoming objections.


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