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Share Your Listings on Your Facebook Business Page – Instantly

You may already know that Homes & Land makes it easy to market listings using social media. With a few clicks advertisers can share listings on Facebook and Twitter that automatically include the property photo and description, or post EZ Tours on YouTube.

We also give you a choice as to where and how to display your listings within your Facebook account. You can post listings individually on your Profile page, or include all your inventory on a dedicated “My Listings” tab on your Business Page.

Now you have a third option. From the same “Social Syndication” section of the Homes & Land Control Panel, advertisers can choose to post select listings on their Business Page wall. This way your new listings are shared with everyone who “likes” your page – instantly.

Here’s How

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This Video Can Help You Win Listings

Homes & Land created this short video to help our advertisers stand out from typical “online only” agents. Imagine how impressed home sellers will be when your marketing solution includes Homes & Land’s print AND online products.

Show this video as part of your listing presentation, email a link before your meeting as a preview, or send it after to those sellers who want to think about which agent to list with. Either way, Homes & Land helps you stand out and win the listing.

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How to be a Marketing Super Hero

At Homes & Land, we think real estate agents are super! And that’s what we’re telling homebuyers and sellers in a nationwide direct mail campaign.

Consumers are directed to our latest video promoting the marketing powers of Homes & Land advertisers to get homes sold. Check it out:

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Reach Buyers for Your Luxury Listings

Maximize exposure for your high-end listings with Homes & Land. We connect you with the people who are most likely to purchase a luxury home. Our glossy, full color magazine is distributed in upscale neighborhoods and direct mailed to wealthy households, CEOs and professionals. In addition, luxury listings are posted on affluent websites like HomesAndLand.com, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and DuPont Registry.

Watch this video to learn more:

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It’s Still List to Last

by Rob Wicker

In a slow market, some agents reach a point where they are reluctant to take any more listings. Listings are thought of as a burden–you have to spend time and money now, and any possible commissions are months away.

Most agents are focused on finding buyers. But let’s not forget that listings are still the best way to connect with serious homebuyers. For example, only 3% of homebuyers go online to find an agent. They go online to see listings. So if you do not have a major listing presence on the bigger websites, you’re probably not going to be found.

I understand, however, that you don’t want to take any old listing. Who wants to work with an unmotivated seller? By asking the right questions,  you can determine the seller’s degree of motivation. “Why did you decide to sell now?” should reveal how motivated the sellers really are. If there is an important reason behind the move, the sellers are obviously going to be a lot more realistic about the listing price.

These days, a lot of people are interested in moving because their dream house is within reach. Smart sellers know that even though they may not get what they want on their current residence, they’ll be able to more than make up the difference when they negotiate for a more expensive home. So they’re motivated.

A survey conducted by Homes & Land showed that, not surprisingly, an agent’s marketing plan is a critical factor in the listing decision. Our advertisers tell us that showing sellers the Homes & Land package–with print, online, mobile and social media tools–gives them an edge when they’re competing for a listing that they really want.

The moral of the story is, use questions to qualify home sellers, include a strong marketing package in your listing presentation, and you’ll take the kind of listings that can help you survive and thrive, even in a slow market.



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