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National QR Code Contest Winner Announced

Homes & Land is proud to announce the QR Code Contest winner: Clay Lehman

Clay Lehman is the grand prize winner of a free iPad in Homes & Land’s national QR Code contest. A real estate agent with Keller Williams of Kerrville (TX), Clay was one of thousands of entries from real estate agents and consumers nationwide.

The contest was designed to encourage QR code usage – inviting consumers and agents to scan the code printed in the magazine and fill out the entry form with their smartphone.

“QR Codes are the latest innovation in real estate marketing,” said Clay. “And Homes & Land makes it easy to include a QR Code in your print ad. In fact, I advertise with Homes & Land because of their state-of-the-art technologies to promote listings.”

Congratulations Clay!

Pictured left to right is Lisa Rodgriguez, agent; Martha Strickland, office secretary; Clay Lehman, agent (seated); Jason Patrick, agent; Dawn Lee Graves, publisher, Homes & Land of the Texas Hill Country and Arthur Mandry, agent.

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Creative QR Codes

Want a better looking QR code? Microsoft Tags allow users to create custom tags that are more than black and white squares, or funny looking triangles. Here are a few sample custom tags:

Instructions for making custom tags can be found on the Microsoft website.

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Over 5000 Scans & Counting

by Adrian Amos

QR codes are gaining traction. I’ve seen them in lots of different magazines, direct mail pieces I’ve gotten at home and even on the little information cards that come in new plants.

This spring, Homes & Land launched a control panel application allowing advertisers to easily create a QR Code that connects buyers to their listings online. In the past month, over 5,300 Homes & Land QR Codes have been scanned by consumers.

Are you taking advantage of this technology to reach home shoppers?
Here’s how to get started

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QR Codes: Helpful Tools or Just Hype?

by Adrian Amos

QR Codes are the new buzz in marketing real estate. Are they truly helpful tools or just the latest hype?

In February 2011, Baltimore public relations firm MGH, Inc. surveyed 415 smartphone users on QR Code usage. Here are a few of their findings:

  • 52% of respondents have used a QR Code to access additional information
  • 70% will likely use a QR Code again
  • 72% are more likely to remember an ad that contained a QR Code

“QR Codes create an opportunity for a consumer to quickly and easily access information,” said RISMedia contributor Nick Snoot. “Even if you think they will fade away down the road, now is the time to capitalize on QR Code technology.”

This is easy to do with Homes & Land. Instantly create and include a QR Code in your ad directly from the Control Panel. Here’s how.

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