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How to Prevent Sales from Going Wrong

from Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer recently posted an article on a dozen things to have, do and be to make the right sale.

“Sometimes sales go wrong,” writes Gitomer. “And when they do, salespeople blame someone or something.

‘He wouldn’t return my call,’
‘he took the lowest bid,’
‘he bought from the competition,’
‘he said my price was too high’…

Well, you can PREVENT sales from going wrong.”
Here’s How

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What Can You Do to Increase Sales?

In the recent article, “Don’t Sell Me…Help Me!,” Jose Perez encourages agents to examine their prospect tactics. “If someone was inclined to do business with you before, they are now inclined to make sure they are getting the best deal regardless of their relationship with you,” Perez advises. “It’s a scary world for your clients. As a result, you must recognize this and change the way you approach ‘sales,’ or you are likely to suffer.”

What can you do to increase sales?
Read his article.

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Stay In Front of Your Clients and Prospects Using Email

Keller Williams Town & Country Realty, a Tallahassee, Florida based brokerage, uses a unique email campaign called “30 Touch” to stay in front of clients and prospects. The brokerage is owned by Gene and Rebekah Rivers, who maintain a database of about 9,000 past clients, current clients and prospects. Each person in the data base receives an email from the Rivers at least 30 times a year. What makes the Rivers’ program so valuable is the quality of content included in the emails. Read More

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