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Little Things = Big Impact

by Adrian Amos

You know how much you appreciate getting a referral for new business. How good are you about showing your appreciation for the referral?

About a year ago, my insurance changed and I had to find a new dentist for my daughter. I needed to find someone who was in-plan, accepted new patients, and took children – not an easy combination. I found a family dentist who could meet my criteria, and I liked this dentist and his office staff so much that I switched to him myself. Several of my friends also needed dental work, and I told them about my new dentist. Over the past year I’ve brought him three new patients, in addition to my daughter and me.

I’ve never received any acknowledgement for the referrals. (I know it shouldn’t, but this annoys me.)

I also really like my vet. I’ve referred a handful of people to her over the years too. Each time her office sent me a postcard or a personal note thanking me for the referral.

Guess which one of these professionals is more likely to get ongoing referrals from me?

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What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Peter Deluca“I have been advertising in Homes & Land since 1999. Homes & Land helps me brand myself as a top, experienced Realtor®. My sellers love being included in the highest quality magazine and appreciate the marketing resources made available to help get their property sold. The comprehensive marketing program including print, online and direct mail give me the best return on my investment. It is an easy choice to remain with Homes & Land because of the tremendous value it adds to my business.”
~ Peter Duluca, Long Realty Company
Ranked Top ½% of Agents in the Nation
Advertises in Homes & Land of Tucson & Southern Arizona

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What it Takes to be a Real Estate Professional

by Brian Delaney

Last month Michael Polzler, Executive Vice President of RE/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada, wrote an open letter to all Real Estate Professionals addressing what he called “the elephant in the room.”

According to Mr. Polzler, 20% of the members of the Toronto Real Estate Board failed to close a single transaction in 2009. Mr. Polzler further asserted that according to some estimates, 70% of agents in many of the larger brokerage offices failed to close one deal per quarter (less than 4 transactions per year). Finally! Someone has had the guts to stand up and address the single largest threat to hard working Real Estate Professionals who take this business seriously.

The statistics are no different here in the US. Recent estimates suggest that the 80/20 rule is closer to 90/10. If you doubt that, just take a look around your own market or even your own office for that matter. More than 50% of all agents sell less than 4 homes a year; are these people prepared to provide guidance to consumers making the single largest financial transaction of a lifetime? Not likely.

There is a storm brewing and the aftermath in the real estate industry is going to resemble a Midwestern town after a F5 twister blows through. Let’s face it; the time has come for a thorough housecleaning.

There are three steps that must be taken to reverse this situation and take back control of the industry.

First and foremost education must be a top priority. From the NAR and State Associations to Local Boards of Realtors, there must be a complete refocus of resources to insure that ALL agents are required to fulfill educational requirements that go well beyond the current Continuing Education Credits. Perhaps bi-annual testing should be administered to insure that licensees are up to speed with the latest information and rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Brokerage houses both big and small must require training that will provide all agents with the tools necessary to conduct business in a professional and competent manner. Apprenticeship programs should be put in place so that when someone new enters the business, they get at least as much guidance as a plumber, electrician or carpenter receives.

Secondly, unproductive part-time agents need to be shown the door. Admit it…it’s time. This business simply cannot be conducted on a part-time basis; transactions are too complex and there is too much at stake.

Last but not least, transactional data needs to be made transparent. Consumers deserve the right to know who they are dealing with when they are considering a particular Realtor as their “agent.” Sellers also deserve to know more about their agent before listing their property with a part-time agent who engages in 2 deals a year.

Realtors who devote their full time and energy to this profession deserve every dime they earn and every bit of recognition they receive. To be successful in this industry requires guts, energy, resourcefulness and ingenuity. For full-time agents there is simply too much effort that goes into doing it right to allow those who wish to do it as a sideline screw it up for everyone.



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Our High-Quality Magazine Brands You as A Professional

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), consumers primarily choose agents based on reputation, or branding, and referrals from friends and family. Advertising with Homes & Land helps you accomplish both. Our high-quality, full-color magazine reflects the level of quality and professionalism your clients can expect. And quality marketing not only results in more listing opportunities, but also serves as a constant reminder to your past clients that you are still on top.

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