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Take it from Fred

“I have been using Homes & Land magazine for my whole 30-year career. I have never missed one issue. I had a marketing background with Sears before real estate. It is very simple. Not rocket science. You have to tell people what you have for sale so they will come to your store and buy it. You can’t do it every so often, and expect results immediately.”

The Fred Evans Team,
Ventura, Calif.

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Homes & Land climbs Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Real estate media company Homes & Land moved up 24 notches on Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500® list for 2015, coming in at No. 353 in the annual rankings.

To put that number in perspective, there are currently more than 1,700 franchisors, including Homes & Land, on the Small Business Administration’s Franchise Registry of Approved Brands.

“We’re pleased to see Entrepreneur moving us up in the rankings,” said Rob Wicker, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Training. “We’re confident that 2015 will be good year for the real estate community and the Homes & Land network.”

Working with a franchise network of magazine publishers throughout the U.S. and Canada, Homes & Land offers real estate professionals and other clients offline advertising in high quality, photo-rich publications and a full suite of technology services. For franchisees, the company provides a proven business model along with ongoing services and support from a widely known national brand.

Entrepreneur magazine offered the first ranking of franchises in 1980 with its initial Franchise 500®. Today the list is considered the world’s most comprehensive ranking of franchises. Entrepreneur judges all companies, regardless of size, by the same criteria. The most important factors include financial strength and stability, as well as growth rate and the size of the system. The magazine also considers a company’s number of years in business and length of time franchising, startup costs, litigation, percentage of terminations, and whether the company provides financing. Financial data is audited by an independent CPA. These objective factors are plugged into Entrepreneur’s exclusive Franchise 500® formula, with each eligible company receiving a cumulative score. The 500 franchises with the highest scores become the Franchise 500®.

In 2014, Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® list ranked Homes & Land at 377.

About Homes & Land

Headquartered in Tallahassee, Fla., Homes & Land provides integrated print and digital marketing services to professionals in real estate and associated industries. The company publishes 229 local real estate magazines in markets across the U.S. and Canada through a network of independent business owners. The brand also powers a consumer website, HomesandLand.com, with homes listed for sale, and offers mobile, social, and direct-mail marketing tools for clients. One of the most trusted brands in the real estate industry, Homes & Land has been in operation since 1973.


For more information about Homes & Land, contact Rob Wicker, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Training, at (850) 575-0189 or wickerr@homesandland.com.

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What Every Agent Should Know About Marketing

There is an overwhelming amount of information about the “best practices” of marketing. Classes are taught about it, books are written, and coaches pitch their programs. One of the most important tenets of marketing, and often the most forgotten, is that successful marketing requires patience and persistence.

This can be difficult for impatient real estate agents who want to see instant leads from short-term efforts. However, studies show consistent contact turns prospects into clients and generates a second wave of upcoming business. Your goal as an agent is to make sure prospects that are in the researching stage become convinced that you are the agent to contact when they are ready. Win them over through a well thought out marketing plan and determination.

It’s a well-known fact that real estate is a constantly flowing and changing business, as evident by the current market and the ups and downs experienced over the past decade. Successful agents, and anyone who advertises for that matter, grew their business during these cycles by staying in front of potential customers with the following three objectives.

Raise Your Visibility in the Market

Reach your target audience everywhere they might look. To be effective, reach them through multiple avenues: your website or blog, real estate search MM Graphic April 2013sites, social media, print advertising, and don’t forget direct mail. Yes, a combination of online and offline methods is best. Magazines and direct mail put you in front of prospects, eliminating the need for them to search for you. Simply asking for their business can make an impression upon a potential seller and resonate with them down the road.

Your goal is to be so high on the visibility scale that people immediately think of you when they think about real estate. In his book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller said, “…buyers and sellers seem to have room in their minds for only one or two real estate agents. In the battle for real estate consumer mind share, you’re either first or second or you’re out of contention… So the big question and challenge is how to win those first two positions of real estate mind share with enough people.”

Earn Your Prospect’s Trust

Advertising when others are not can make you appear more stable than your competitors. How and where you advertise impacts whether or not you receive serious consideration. The real estate market, as an indicator of the overall economy, has been in the news so much lately that people are paying attention. All real estate is local, right? So where is the best place for people to get local market information? It should be you. Use market reports, testimonials and real estate niche magazines to provide information and enhance credibility. Consumers trust magazine advertisements and content over all other sources of media. Add to that word of mouth referrals and you’ve covered both the front end (credible advertising) and the back-end (happy customers) to explain why they should choose you. The more consistently prospects see you and your message, the more likely they are to trust and respond.

Stay Top-Of-Mind

To be effective, implement your plan no matter what the market is doing. That may involve budgeting ahead. When the market is hot, you need that Marketing Minute Sales Contact Graphic-01contact to prevent your competitors from stealing your visibility and therefore market share. When the market cools, the consistency is even more important. If prospects stop seeing you, they stop thinking of you. When others have put their marketing on hold, you’ll have gained attention and remain top-of-mind when things pick up.

This graph of time-honored statistics shows us that the decision to act is made not after 2 or 3 encounters, but after many, repetitive exposures. If you’ve ever engaged in a marketing campaign to promote your business, you probably have seen this to be true. If you haven’t reached your target audience at least 5 times, you may have quit too soon to win them over.

Go the distance. Often we’re tempted to give up without realizing how close we are to reaching our goal. An inspirational scene from the hit movie Facing the Giants  illustrates that we often create our own limitations based on what we see and not on our true potential.

Every step you take toward increasing your visibility, gaining trust, and holding that top-of-mind spot brings you one step closer to increased prosperity. Don’t lose your hard-earned visibility. Elevate your presence and remember patience and persistence will pay off!

Contact your Homes & Land marketing partner today to learn how Homes & Land’s integrated offerings can help you with your marketing strategy.

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Find Your Greatest Strength – Here’s How

by Adrian Amos

Last week Homes & Land had our Annual Business Conference where we were fortunate enough to have New York Times Best Selling Author Stefan Swanepoel as our keynote speaker.

Stefan presented findings from his latest book “Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life,” where he uses animals from the plains of Africa as metaphors for personality traits and survival skills we use every day.

Is your greatest strength creativity under pressure?

Adaptable people-skills?

Or fluid communication abilities?

A couple years ago Stefan noticed how different animals used similar traits to survive in their environment too.

All of us have a “primary animal” – or set of skills we rely on in our personal and business lives.

Mine is the Communicating Elephant. I’m a good listener and good communicator and I do rely heavily on my communication abilities as a writer, marketer, and friend.

At the conference, Stefan told this incredible story about the elephants he witnessed in Africa. They have several different sounds they make with their trunks to communicate with the herd, their children, and interestingly – in mourning when a pack member has died.

The elephants stomp on the ground, which can be heard for 10 miles or more, calling the rest of the pack to join them in a somber “song” marking the passing of one of the herd.

When you know your animal – and the animal for those closest to you – it can help you understand yourself and how you interact with others.

More importantly, it can help you better understand your bosses, co-workers, clients, friends & family members by knowing what their strengths are and how they relate to the world.

Stefan worked with psychologists to develop an online quiz to determine your primary animal. Take it here.

The story Stefan unfolds in his book is an incredible journey into the Serengeti in Africa, and into your own psyche. It’s definitely worth reading! Pick up a copy here.

And tell us what animal you are.

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Bachelorette Pad Featured at Homes & Land

Sneak Peek Inside the Home of the 25 Bachelors

TALLAHASSEE, FL (April 11, 2012) – One of the most anticipated seasons of ABC’s hit series, The Bachelorette, begins airing Monday, May 14. For the first time, the series was filmed outside the Los Angeles market. This season was filmed on the east coast near Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s home in Charlotte, NC. The show selected a luxury home in the area that contains all the touches and amenities associated with luxury living.

Viewers can now get a sneak peek both inside and outside the home from Homes & Land. While the home will be featured in the April Homes & Land of Union and Anson Counties Magazine, more extensive views are available online at www.FaceBook.com/HomesAndLand.

The 12,000 sq.ft. home is listed for sale by Mirium Peters of the real estate company of Peters and Associates. This downright dreamy estate is located in the Evermay gated community and sits on over five acres. With 5 bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms and 3 half baths, the 25 bachelors have plenty of room. This home was built in 2006 and has a Mecklenburg County tax value of approximately $5 million.

The European style house has a stucco and stone exterior with a four car garage, elevator and ballroom. The outdoor kitchen, pool and estate grounds provide plenty of room for the guys to relax between dates with Ms. Maynard.

Filming for the show wrapped up this week, so whether you want a sneak peek or may be interested in buying this $5.9 million estate you can take a behind the scenes tour at www.FaceBook.com/HomesAndLand.

About Homes & Land
For over 39 years, Homes & Land is the leader in providing quality real estate information to its readers through 40 million locally distributed magazines and its real estate website. Learn more at www.HomesandLand.com.

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