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Overcome Objections and Close the Sale

RISMedia published four helpful tips from John Boe on how to overcome objections and close a sale.

“Objections are a good sign and you should actually look forward to them,” says Boe. “After all, if your prospect was not interested in your product or service, they wouldn’t be asking questions.”

Here’s how to close the sale.

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Top 10 Tips for Sellers

Today’s sellers may face challenging conditions in many markets, but that doesn’t mean choosing to sell is a bad idea. There are many reasons to sell and most are good ones. Here are ten tips to help you on your way to getting your home sold.

Read the Full Story Here.

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Top Five Blog Posts for 2011

In 2011 we shared over 130 real estate marketing ideas, tutorials and information. Here are the top five most viewed:

#5. 7 Steps For Writing Effective Ad Copy
In today’s market, it can be difficult to attract qualified buyers. Print advertising is an effective way to generate leads—if you give buyers the information they are looking for.

#4. What is a QR Code Anyway?
There is a lot of buzz in the real estate industry about QR codes. But what is a QR code and how does it work? And – how should you use them to better connect with prospects?
This short video explains.

#3. Ad Design Challenge: To Starburst Or Not To Starburst
Starbursts are one of those graphic elements included in ads to call attention to specific qualities about a home. They do the job – but they’re overused. Nothing clutters an ad (or screams “used-cars”) more than a page full of starbursts and small photos.
There is another way. Lots of them in fact.

#2. Choose Your Words Wisely
That’s what a study at the University of Guelph in Ontario found from analyzing the wording of more than 20,000 listings. According to the research, a listing’s phrasing affected sales price and the length of time it was on the market.

#1. Coke vs. Pepsi – A Marketing Case Study
The Cola Wars are fierce. Coke, the perennial leader in beverage sales, is still at the top of the class. And Diet Coke just passed Pepsi to take the number two spot. Pepsi has held that number two spot for many years – so what happened?
Pepsi has been closely watched by marketers because of the innovative social media strategy it rolled out at the beginning of 2010.

We look forward to bringing you even more insight and inspiration in 2012.
Happy New Year from Homes & Land!

P.S. The top posts from 2010 are also worth reading.

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Why Branding Is Effective

by Rob Wicker

Most Realtors understand the value of branding. Consumers see your name/image over and over and they become more comfortable with the idea of working with you. Familiarity doesn’t breed contempt, as the adage states, it breeds something more desirable—security.

But why?

There is an extremely interesting book on the current bestseller list called Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. Kahneman is a Psychologist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his theories on how human beings make decisions. (At heart, we are not as rational as we’d like to believe, even in money matters.)

In the book, Kahneman states that the relationship between repetition and liking is an important biological fact, and it extends to the animal world too.

For example, to survive in a dangerous environment, animals must react cautiously to new things, because the new thing may be dangerous. As a result, when something new shows up, animals get scared and run away. The prospect of an animal surviving without this trait is not good because sooner or later a predator will arrive.

However, through repetition the fear of the “new” subsides. Repeated exposures to the “new” brings nothing bad, and the animal eventually gets the safe signal. It feels secure.

This is one of the reasons brands like Coke are so powerful. In blind taste tests, consumers don’t have a strong preference for the taste of Coke over other colas, but once a soda is identified as Coke, the preference becomes high. We feel secure with Coke because we’ve been exposed to the soda and its advertisements all of our lives.

What does this mean to you? Realtors help people buy and sell a huge financial asset. The emotion you want to elicit in your prospects and clients is security. Repetition of your name, image and services is one of the best ways to generate this sense of security. We all know agents who have built a strong personal brand, and they are usually top producers.

If you don’t have a strong personal brand, your Homes & Land Publisher is a great resource for helping you build one.


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How to Connect With Home Sellers

by Rob Wicker

Over one-third of home sellers contact at least two or more agents before selling their home, according to the NAR’s latest Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Not surprisingly, what sellers want most from their agent is help in marketing their home to potential buyers.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the other agents and win in a competitive listing situation? As we all know, every agent is going to toss out the names of the websites they plan to use, so that’s not much of a differentiator.

Consider this, 87% of all sellers are 35 or older, and 68% of sellers are 45 or older. This means that they grew up using the printed page as a primary source of information. These home sellers like seeing their property advertised in something tangible.

That’s one of the reasons our advertisers tell us that Homes & Land is a powerful listing tool. We help separate you from your competition.

The nice thing about Homes & Land is that we deliver so much more than print—online syndication including luxury web partners, direct mail, and mobile and social media tools. If your listing presentation needs more firepower, consider Homes & Land.

See all of the benefits that Homes & Land provides at www.homesandland.com/benefits.

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