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The $20,000 Phone Call

from Seth Godin

When a homeowner decides to put his house on sale and calls an agent or broker…

When he calls the moving company…

When a family arrives in town and calls someone recommended as the family doctor…

When a wealthy couple calls their favorite fancy restaurant looking for a reservation…

Go down the list. Stockbrokers, even hairdressers. And not just people who recently moved.

When a new referral shows up, all that work and expense – and then the phone rings and it gets answered by your annoyed, overworked, burned out, never very good at it anyway receptionist – it all falls apart.

[Who is answering your $20,000 phone call?]

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Follow-up is a Key Part of the Sales Process

by Carolyn Hicks

Author Robert Middleton believes that failure to follow-up is a crucial mistake that salespeople frequently make. For example, we may do a good job with our initial contact, but for a variety of reasons we don’t provide enough information on the first call to satisfy the prospect. Without proper follow-up the sale will never close.

Also, because money is tight these days, prospects are reluctant to make a decision after only one meeting. You need to meet more than once to secure the sale.

Robert Middleton offers seven ways to bridge the Follow-Up Gap and close more sales:

  1. Follow-up soon. It is easy to delay, but if you do, the impact of the follow-up fades dramatically.
  2. Organize your follow-ups. Make the process a regular part of your business day and follow a certain process every time
  3. Script your follow-up. That is, know what you are going to say and where you want the conversation to lead.
  4. Do some research. It’s amazing how little interest we show in potential clients.
  5. Use value-laden messages. Lead with your value proposition and give the prospect a reason to want to speak with you again.
  6. Use friendly persistence. If you meet someone that you sincerely think you could provide value for, don’t give up after one follow-up call.
  7. Follow-up doesn’t mean hassling prospects. If you make sure you add value to every call and you are firm in your conviction that your service is valuable, you are doing people a great service by following up.

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