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Take it from Fred

“I have been using Homes & Land magazine for my whole 30-year career. I have never missed one issue. I had a marketing background with Sears before real estate. It is very simple. Not rocket science. You have to tell people what you have for sale so they will come to your store and buy it. You can’t do it every so often, and expect results immediately.”

The Fred Evans Team,
Ventura, Calif.

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A strategy for success

“We like to advertise consistently in the same market. I need to get that repetitive marketing out there, because when you continually advertise, you get better results,” says Bill Roe, owner/broker-associate of Ocean Properties & Management in New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

Bill should know. This very successful business owner has been a Homes & Land client for more than 20 years. Home prices often top $1 million in his coastal town, and he finds many buyers by advertising regularly in the Orlando metropolitan area magazine. Bill also advertises with Homes & Land magazines in New Smyrna and Daytona.

“You’ve got to find a medium that is affordable and effective, and that’s what I’ve found with Homes & Land. I’m in there every issue.”

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Plan Now To Have A Great Year


Ready to get your business revved up and roaring for 2015? Then it’s good to have a plan, and lots of smart people out there have helpful advice on setting goals and staying on track in the field of real estate.

Right-size those goals
The top goal on the list of Inman News contributor Wade Vander Molen is to “set several smaller, realistic goals.” Instead of jotting down one massive annual achievement, such as doubling sales in 2015, set smaller quarterly goals, he suggests. Like breaking a long to-do list into smaller, less-daunting chunks, setting reasonable goals can help keep you focused and successful over the long haul. Read more

Put yourself in pictures
Ever dreamed of being in movies? Vander Molen urges you to step up this year and star in your own. Introduce yourself to potential clients and give them a chance to, well, just plain like you with a short video uploaded to YouTube. The platform is free to use, and videos show up with other types of content in Google searches.

If you’ve got the “you” video covered but would like to keep making movies as part of your marketing efforts, the article “Invest in evergreen video: the marketing gift that keeps on giving” offers some great ideas and tips for creating videos that will bring clients to you again and again. Read more


Know your business’s heart
Of course, clients are the beating heart of any real estate agent’s business, and Vander Molen and other realty experts hammer on the importance of organizing and updating your contact database as the year begins. After all, it’s hard to manage client communications if you don’t have a good grip on who the clients are.

The RISMedia article “Your 2015 Business Plan — In Less Than 5 Minutes” offers a list of questions to help agents get a better picture of what they should be doing better this year, and many of those questions focus squarely on how well you communicate with buyers and sellers. For example, at No. 3, the article asks: “Do you have a scheduled time each day or week when you communicate with your clients, contacts or friends? Do you do this consistently?” Read more

Here’s To Happy Sellers

Speaking of client contact, a copy of Homes & Land featuring their home is like a wonderful little gift in the mail for your advertised home sellers. When you place an ad with us, our Client Contact program sends each of your advertised sellers a copy of the magazine and a flyer promoting you and your marketing efforts. We also explain how your sellers can go online and see their property featured on HomesAndLand.com.

“Our sellers love it. They love to see their pictures in the magazine, they love the glossy print, and they especially love the at-home direct mail. When it goes out to the public and they receive their own copy of it, they’re excited about it.”

— JESSICA GRIFFETH, sales representative with RE/MAX Rouge River Realty in Ontario
 Get The Most From Text Codes

Text codes on listings advertised in Homes & Land magazine offer potential homebuyers a quick way to get more information on a property. Codes also pay off for agents, allowing you to capture a lead when a house-hunter expresses interest in a listing.

To make using text codes as easy as possible for potential buyers, it’s smart to publish texting instructions in any advertisement that includes listings with text codes, as illustrated below. For added interest, the page-top instructions could say “FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PHOTOS, TEXT 81035 THEN TEXT CODE.” While texting instructions can be found elsewhere in each Homes & Land magazine, placing the info right on your ad offers consumers the clearest path to immediate action — and gives you the best chance for leads.

Here are a couple of other best practices for text codes in printed real estate listings:

  • For the most effective presentation, place each listing’s text code on the listing photo.
  • Keep listing information short and concise. That way, house-hunters have a reason to text to learn more.



Buying Looks Better All The Time

Business website MarketWatch does the math and finds that buying now appears to be about twice as affordable as renting. The calculation’s cost of owning a home does not include property taxes and homeowners insurance, but it still has the power to wow, and renting appears to be getting more expensive all the time. Read more

And Now Let Us Peer Into The Future

No one knows for sure what the future will hold for real estate this year, but experts are doing their best to guess, and quite a few of them say 2015 is looking good. Click an item below to read the article referenced:

“Confident consumers are more likely to spend on big ticket items, which is sweet music to the ears of the real estate market.”

— SAM KHATER, deputy chief economist at CoreLogic

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Mobile-ready Digital Magazine innovates home search


Evolving media has brought the newsstand of the past to the palm of your hand. Publications all over the world have advanced to the point where readers have a variety of formats from which to choose. In other words, when they settle in to peruse the pages of their favorite magazines, buyers and sellers have options. In no other real estate media is this level of convenience more readily available than with Homes & Land Magazine, which recently launched a new mobile-ready Digital Magazine to complement the printed product.

Seizing the opportunity

A study by Kantar Media outlines how digital magazine advertising is shaping the current media landscape.

“Without question, the tablet PC is an enormous opportunity for magazine publishers and advertisers. In 2014, device usage is projected to reach 44 percent of the U.S. population, or 138 million people. Users currently spend an average of 156 minutes per day with their tablets, almost a 40 percent increase in just two years.”

Thanks to the growing prominence of tablets, magazines have been fitted with a new layer of functionality. The technology behind Homes & Land’s Digital Magazine places it among the most innovative publications with tablet advertising, based on Kantar Media’s findings, which note that “fewer than five percent of tablet ads take advantage of the technology’s interactive features.”

Homes & Land Digital Magazine

With a Digital Magazine from Homes & Land, more information about a listing appears with one touch, giving the buyer access to Virtual Tours, more photos and a real estate agent’s contact information. Additionally, an agent’s offerings are all on display in their chosen layout, complete with branding, slogans and marketing messages. For the agent, it constitutes a total package that’s in a class all its own.

In turn, buyers and sellers viewing the Digital Magazine are afforded the opportunity to browse at their own pace, with the option to narrow the search to listings of a certain price range or number of rooms. Sharing and subscription capabilities also enhance the overall consumer experience.

Bells, whistles and beautiful performance

Designed for buyers and sellers to easily browse, subscribe and connect with agents from their laptop, smartphone or tablet, Homes & Land’s Digital Magazine is well equipped to improve the home search process.

  • Digital Magazines are available any time, any place — complete regional, national and international reach
  • Increased exposure for real estate agents — links take consumers directly to specific pages within the Digital Magazine
  • With a touch, listings prompt viewers with contact information, larger photos, or Virtual Tours
  • Consumers can subscribe to Digital Magazines right from their devices, or share them on social media
  • For added value and convenience, a printed magazine can be ordered directly from the Digital Magazine
  • Compatibility with the myriad list of mobile brands — Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. — assures top-notch performance on any device

The Digital Magazine and all of its useful features, including email subscriptions and the option to order a printed magazine, are available to consumers free of charge.

Ready to experience it for yourself? View your local Homes & Land Digital Magazine by visiting HomesAndLand.com/Magazine-Directory. Want to take advantage of this integrated marketing opportunity for real estate agents? Contact your local Homes & Land publisher to get started.


Homes & Land Affiliates, LLC, is the most trusted, integrated multimedia real estate brand in North America. A leading resource for local real estate information, HomesAndLand.com welcomes millions of unique visitors every month. Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, with magazines across the United States and Canada, Homes & Land has been serving real estate professionals, homebuyers and home sellers since 1973. In addition to Homes & Land Magazine, the company publishes Home Guide, Rental Guide, and Estates & Homes magazines.

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Attract listings in a seller’s market

The real estate market is gaining momentum. Eighty-six of the 100 metropolitan markets are seeing price and number of transactions increase while inventory decreases.

That’s right, first-time homebuyers are split 50/50 on starting their home search. If you market only with digital, you miss out on 50 percent of the market.

Don’t miss half your market

  1. Integrate your advertising and marketing by spending both online and offline.
  2. Build your brand to attract potential sellers. According to National Association of Realtors, 67 percent of buyers and sellers only meet with one agent before choosing which agent to work with.
  3. Focus on what sellers want from real estate agents.
  4. Be a visible expert in your community. Be active through social media, advertising, direct mail and more.
  5. Test a variety of marketing campaigns and think outside the box. If one campaign fails, try another and another.

HL-40th-Anniversary-CHROME-COLOR-SCHEME-01Contact an Integrated Marketing Specialist from Homes & Land to assist with all 5 steps and more. Benefit from our over 40 years of real estate advertising experience and expertise. Our members have an exclusive variety of print and digital offerings. Find out what Homes & Land can do for you by visiting HomesAndLand.com/benefits.

What sellers want from real estate agents:


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