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3 Ways Print Marketing Still Beats Digital

from Charlene Jimenez, AGBeat

With all of the hype around digital marketing, it can sometimes feel like you are behind the times as a professional if you use print marketing, but it still has distinct benefits digital marketing simply cannot deliver.

1. Use Your Home-Field Advantage – With the current trend of increased support of local businesses, this is your time to really network within your community. A great way to do that is through print marketing.

2. Give Your Customers a Little Extra Attention – Send your customers, whether longtime or new, a little something in the mail now and again. Let them know that you appreciate their business and remind them of upcoming sales, discounts, and specials.

3. Introduce an Entirely New Target Market to Your Company – There’s no debate that there is a different set of people who only stay abreast of things through digital and online means and those who prefer the “old-fashioned” way—physical books, newspapers, magazines—to using modern technology. So, instead of choosing one method over another, why not use both?

It’s time to redefine the benefits and usefulness of print media. It may not be hot, new thing in modern marketing, but it has stayed around so long for a reason.

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Homes & Land on the Go

Last month we announced that HomesAndLand.com and advertisers’ personal websites are mobile enabled. These sites are optimized for iPads too. In fact, consumers using any of the following devices have easy access to your listings:

  • iPad Tablet
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • Android phones
  • Blackberry touch phones (like the Torch or Storm)
  • Palm Pre

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How to Create a “My Listings” Tab on Facebook

Homes & Land makes it easy to export listings to a designated tab on your Facebook business Page. Here’s How:

Need more information on setting up a Facebook Page?

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Who Motivates You?

by Rob Wicker

It’s tough to stay motivated in such a sluggish market. Writer and marketer Seth Godin points to where your motivation really needs to come from:


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Export Listings to Your Facebook Page

by Adrian Amos

You already know how important your Facebook account is for connecting with clients and prospects. You have both your personal Profile and business Page already set up to work leads and market listings – if only the marketing part were less time consuming…

Now it is! Homes & Land introduces the Facebook Page export feed – allowing advertisers to display their listings on a dedicated tab on their business page. It’s easy – just connect your Page to the Control Panel once, and every time a homebuyer clicks on your “My Listings” tab on Facebook, all of your active listings and rental properties will be instantly displayed.

We even tell you how to make your My Listings tab the default landing page for visitors who have not yet “liked” your page.

Here’s How

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