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How to Prevent Sales from Going Wrong

from Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer recently posted an article on a dozen things to have, do and be to make the right sale.

“Sometimes sales go wrong,” writes Gitomer. “And when they do, salespeople blame someone or something.

‘He wouldn’t return my call,’
‘he took the lowest bid,’
‘he bought from the competition,’
‘he said my price was too high’…

Well, you can PREVENT sales from going wrong.”
Here’s How

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What’s Your Mission Statement?

By Rob Wicker

Many companies struggle with producing a working mission statement. In an effort to be all inclusive as to what the company does, the mission statement ends up being ambiguous or overly complex. Employees can’t remember, much less act on, this kind of mission statement.

Peter Drucker, as usual, had it right. Drucker is the most successful business professor of all time, and he believed in simple mission statements. Drucker wrote the most straight forward mission statement ever: “The purpose of business is to create and keep customers.”

According to Drucker, “What does our customer find valuable?” is the question businesspeople should continually ask themselves. If you know the answer, attracting and keeping customers becomes a natural process and the mission statement a natural result. This is true for multi-national corporations and individual real estate professionals.


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