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Find Your Greatest Strength – Here’s How

by Adrian Amos

Last week Homes & Land had our Annual Business Conference where we were fortunate enough to have New York Times Best Selling Author Stefan Swanepoel as our keynote speaker.

Stefan presented findings from his latest book “Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life,” where he uses animals from the plains of Africa as metaphors for personality traits and survival skills we use every day.

Is your greatest strength creativity under pressure?

Adaptable people-skills?

Or fluid communication abilities?

A couple years ago Stefan noticed how different animals used similar traits to survive in their environment too.

All of us have a “primary animal” – or set of skills we rely on in our personal and business lives.

Mine is the Communicating Elephant. I’m a good listener and good communicator and I do rely heavily on my communication abilities as a writer, marketer, and friend.

At the conference, Stefan told this incredible story about the elephants he witnessed in Africa. They have several different sounds they make with their trunks to communicate with the herd, their children, and interestingly – in mourning when a pack member has died.

The elephants stomp on the ground, which can be heard for 10 miles or more, calling the rest of the pack to join them in a somber “song” marking the passing of one of the herd.

When you know your animal – and the animal for those closest to you – it can help you understand yourself and how you interact with others.

More importantly, it can help you better understand your bosses, co-workers, clients, friends & family members by knowing what their strengths are and how they relate to the world.

Stefan worked with psychologists to develop an online quiz to determine your primary animal. Take it here.

The story Stefan unfolds in his book is an incredible journey into the Serengeti in Africa, and into your own psyche. It’s definitely worth reading! Pick up a copy here.

And tell us what animal you are.

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3 Simple Ways to Stand Out

from Ray Edwards

When you are being compared to your competition, do your customers see any compelling difference? In today’s environment, they must! If they don’t, your business is already in trouble.

Here are three simple but compelling qualities that will make your business stand out from the competition:

1. Make a great first impression – not only in person, but with your website and marketing too

2. Respond quickly – how quickly you answer the phone and return calls and emails helps you build trust with your clients and prospects

3. Go the extra mile – give/do the unexpected, and always over-deliver

It’s not always easy to stand out – but it is usually simple.

Ray’s Blog

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Share Your Listings on Your Facebook Business Page – Instantly

You may already know that Homes & Land makes it easy to market listings using social media. With a few clicks advertisers can share listings on Facebook and Twitter that automatically include the property photo and description, or post EZ Tours on YouTube.

We also give you a choice as to where and how to display your listings within your Facebook account. You can post listings individually on your Profile page, or include all your inventory on a dedicated “My Listings” tab on your Business Page.

Now you have a third option. From the same “Social Syndication” section of the Homes & Land Control Panel, advertisers can choose to post select listings on their Business Page wall. This way your new listings are shared with everyone who “likes” your page – instantly.

Here’s How

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The Formula for Customer Satisfaction

From Seth Godin

(What you’re hoping for) – (What you get)

This might be the simplest possible explanation of customer satisfaction.

Dissatisfaction occurs when salespeople and marketers tend to try to amplify the first part (what you’re promised) while neglecting the second.

The ability to delight and surprise is at the core of every beloved brand (product, politician, teenager…). Overhype and shady promises will undercut that before it even has a chance to get started. Yes, of course you have to make promises to earn attention and trial. The mistake is when you put more effort into the promises and less into what you deliver. Promise a lot but deliver even more.

[One really important amplification: Research shows us that what people remember is far more important than what they experience. What’s remembered:

–the peak of the experience (bad or good) and,

–the last part of the experience.

The easiest way to amplify customer satisfaction, then, is to underpromise, then increase the positive peak and make sure it happens near the end of the experience you provide. Easy to say, but rarely done.]

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Two Ways to Beat the Competition

from John Boe, RISMedia

There are only two ways to beat the competition:

  • lower your price, or
  • increase the quality of service you provide

One of the biggest reasons most salespeople fail to succeed is because they view customer service requests as unpaid, administrative burdens rather than golden opportunities.

By going the extra mile for your clients, you will stand out from the crowd. Consumer surveys have proven that customers will pay a higher price if they’re satisfied with the service they receive.

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