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How to Break Through the Clutter

by Rob Wicker

The average American comes in contact with 3,000 ads per day. Eight out of nine are ignored. How does your marketing become the one that makes it through the clutter?

Consistency. Studies show that consumers need to see an ad three times for it to make an impression and 27 times before it will sink in. In your marketing you need the following:

  • Consistent look (layout)
  • Consistent message (slogan)
  • Consistent image (photo)
  • Time

Consistency enables you to break through the clutter because familiarity breeds security. Consider your own experience. Do you find yourself selecting products at the supermarket simply because you’re familiar with the brand name? This branded product may even be more expensive than a similar unbranded one, but you feel secure in your purchase because of the familiarity of the name.

Successful real estate agents also use consistency over time in their advertising. Consistency makes them BRAND NAMES in the marketplace. Once again, consider your own experience. Are there fellow agents in your area that have successfully branded themselves? How did they do it?

Ideally, you want to be consistent with all your marketing, whether it’s print, online, TV, radio, billboards, bus benches, signs, brochures or other advertising that you do.

The most common branding mistake agents make is not giving the ad or marketing campaign enough time to work. Remember the consumer needs 27 encounters for an ad to have an impact on purchasing decisions – that means at least three or four months of consistent marketing across all channels.

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Preparing Your Marketing for 2010

Part II: Message Delivery

After you have developed your elevator pitch to highlight your expertise, the next step is to determine how to best get your message to consumers.

Identifying Key Distribution Channels
Identify distribution channels that will reach your target audience. Homebuyers use a variety of media during their search, and to be most effective your ad/listings need to be everywhere: in print, online, direct mail, yard signs, and mobile devices. If possible, use different telephone extensions in each ad or ask prospects where they saw your ad/ listing to track your advertising effectiveness. This will provide a great benefit to you by determining which of your ads is providing the most response and will also help to determine your Return on Investment (ROI):

Business gained related to a specific ad
– Price of ad

Message Consistency
Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements and typically ignore eight out of every nine ads they come across. In order for your message to be the one they remember, it must be seen at least 27 times. So it’s important that your marketing is consistent over a variety of media and remains visible over several months. Pay specific attention to keeping the look – including layout/color/theme, your slogan/ message and your image/photo consistent in all your advertising and marketing pieces.

As you move your marketing plan forward, remember these three key elements:

  1. speak directly to the concerns of your audience;
  2. be seen in a variety of media targeting the audience you wish to reach;
  3. make sure your message is not only consistent, but seen often.

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