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Avoid Seasonal Advertising Disorder

Think advertising homes in the Fall and Winter months isn’t worth your time and money? Consider this: In the past three years, national home sales have averaged 488,000 units sold in the months of September through December.

Using the average U.S. sales price of $170,000, over $4 billion in commissions is generated during these “slow months.” But if your listings aren’t advertised, you may be missing out. Homes & Land can help.

National Home Sales by month 2008 – 2010:

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Marketing Can Justify Commissions

By Rob Wicker

My friend Brian Delaney is traveling around the country conducting marketing seminars for Realtors. I asked Brian about commissions—is a slow market driving down the commission percentage that Realtors receive?

Brian was curious about commissions too and has been asking his audience for feedback. Not surprisingly, Realtors are getting hit on the front-end before the listings agreement is signed, and on the back-end. Sellers want agents to eat some of their commission dollars to offset the lower prices that buyers are offering.

One reason home sellers believe that commissions should be lower is that many agents aren’t bringing enough value (real and perceived) to the table. The NAR reports that these are the four services most valued by home sellers:

  1. Help price home competitively
  2. Help find a buyer for the property
  3. Help market home to potential sellers
  4. Help sell the home in a specific time frame

Numbers 2, 3, and 4 relate directly to an agent’s marketing plan. If you can show sellers that you are actually investing marketing dollars to achieve goals 2, 3, and 4 then it is much easier for you to justify your commission. All agents will throw out the MLS and some websites in their listing presentation. Consumers are much more sophisticated about the Internet, and know that it is easy and usually inexpensive to advertise online. If you can show sellers that you are using print, direct mail, quality brochures, and featured listings on high traffic websites, then persuading home sellers that you deserve a full commission is much easier to do.


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