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5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Rio’s Preparation for the Olympics

The summer Olympics will commence this week in Rio de Janeiro, but the road to the opening ceremony has not been an easy one, with multiple problems plaguing both the city as well as the country of Brazil. What lessons can entrepreneurs learn from Rio’s preparation for the Olympics?

Some events are beyond our control. When Brazil was awarded the opportunity to host the 2016 summer Olympics in 2009, their economy was flush and their property values were some of the highest in the world. After seven years of political, financial, and pandemic health disasters, scores of hotels and high rises that were built in anticipation of a surging economy now stand empty. Like the U.S. housing bust of 2008, Rio is a reminder to business professionals that unforeseen events can sometimes change the market drastically.

Stay on top of economic trends

Officials in Brazil may not have been able to predict all of the country’s financial downturns, but a successful entrepreneur needs to stay on top of the market’s economic trends.

Don’t take shortcuts

Due to poor workmanship and inadequate inspections, Rio’s Olympic Village has been plagued with faulty wiring and bad plumbing, making it almost unlivable for the world’s athletes. When it comes to managing your own business, taking shortcuts is almost never a good idea. Although taking shortcuts or only covering the bare minimum may save time and money, it could also ultimately deliver negative results and the potential loss of a client.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

From rising crime, polluted water, and lack of transportation, it seems that everything that could go wrong before the Olympics has done so. Although many of the problems are reported to have been resolved, some solutions appear to be makeshift at best. Like Rio, where Olympic ticket sales are at an all-time low, for an entrepreneur, reputation is everything: More broken promises means less sales.

Marketing matters

Whether an entrepreneur is up-selling the benefits and features of their products or services on social media or attending networking events, without positive visibility, they would have no business. In the same way, Brazil officials have been attempting to counter recent bad publicity and low ticket sales with positive press releases about how low the risk of contracting the Zika virus while visiting Rio actually is, and the successful completion of the city’s transportation system. Whether or not this strategy will work to increase attendance at the 2016 summer Olympics remains to be seen.

Sources: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Placester, Insider Louisville, Linkedin

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Communicating your value as a real estate agent

Some marketing resources are accessible only to real estate agents.

Many of us are familiar with MasterCard’s “Priceless” campaign, created in 1997 with the goal of demonstrating that the credit card is the perfect way to pay for “everything that matters.” So, in the spirit of clever slogans and everything that’s priceless to us: The feeling of joy you get from home ownership is something money can’t buy, but for everything else in the buying and selling process, there’s your Realtor.

Value proposition

Plenty of negotiating goes into determining the value of a listing, but there should be no question about the value of a Realtor. Unfortunately, many home sellers and buyers may not know how critical it is to work with a real estate agent.

Don’t miss an opportunity to communicate the value you offer as a qualified professional. The National Association of Realtors reports that more than three quarters of buyers and sellers believe Realtors are “very useful” sources of information. Still, as most agents know, that’s not telling the whole story.

Of course Realtors can provide a wealth of industry-specific information to their clients, but there are also marketing resources accessible only to agents. As the real estate professional, how can you tip the scales in your favor when buyers and sellers are making the crucial choice about who to work with?

When decision makers find you while reading a magazine or searching online, they are likely at what Jim Lecinski of Google refers to as a “Zero Moment of Truth” — see the book of the same name. As Lecinski explains, “ZMOT is that moment when you grab your laptop, mobile phone or some other wired device and start learning about a product or service you’re thinking about trying or buying.”

It’s in this pivotal moment that buyers and sellers must understand how valuable real estate agents are. The service you provide is indispensable. Prove it to potential clients through marketing that makes this reality abundantly clear.

Bragging rights

  • You sold six listings last month. Congratulations! Now is the time to tout that success. Drawing attention to the listings you’ve sold shouldn’t be viewed as a way to take up space. In fact, it’s an excellent way to convey the fact that you were invaluable to six different happy clients.
  • The business of marketing looks different than it did twenty years ago. Maybe you know firsthand how much it has changed, but you’ve proven yourself more than capable of keeping up. Don’t hesitate to tell your story everywhere possible by completing your profile on websites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Need more space to tell your story? Create an AdEssential site that will link to your listings on HomesAndLand.com.
  • Additionally, consider your message and brand. Advertising just home listings doesn’t differentiate you in the clutter. A home buyer or seller wants to know why you are the expert to assist them in making a major decision. Track record is wonderful, but your brand is what will resonate!
  • Demonstrate your tech-savvy skill set by making the most of mobile marketing opportunities. For example, a prospect sees a beautiful house in Homes & Land Magazine. They’re in the right mindset, feeling decisive, but they could use a bit more information. If you’re using text codes on your printed listings, those additional photos of the interior and backyard can be accessed on smartphones via a simple text message.

Practice preparedness

The greatest generators of buzz are attracting interest through word of mouth — networking at events, moving in the right circles and meeting new people. All good things, for sure. One thing even affable agents may not be aware of, though, is that social interactions nowadays can be a matter of public record. Lecinski, our marketing guru from Google, points out that, “For the first time in human history, word of mouth is a digitally archived medium.”

Quick and convenient access to information isn’t getting any less prevalent. Just thinking about all the competition that’s out there may provoke a fight or flight reaction in some Realtors. If you choose to get in there and fight, it’s easier to rest assured when the right proponent has your back.

With Homes & Land, attractive listing flyers, social media syndication, virtual tours, text codes, QR codes and targeted direct mail are all part of your arsenal. With these tools at your disposal, generating buzz offline and online will only get easier, giving you more face time with clients and prospects.

Listing a dozen reasons why it’s wise to use a Realtor is a good starting point for communicating your value as a professional. Take that idea further by boldly going beyond the basics. Being prepared is the best way to provide a complete picture of everything you have to offer, but you should also be confident about how priceless your presence will be at each buyer and seller’s moment of truth.

Homes & Land Success

“Homes & Land is a great marketing tool for me and my clients. I gauge very carefully where inquiries come from; time and time again, qualified people contact me from Homes & Land.

“It is important for my clients to know that their property is being advertised as effectively as possible. Over and above a terrific local presence, Homes & Land reaches out nationally, in print and on-line. People inquire from all over the country on properties they have seen on HomesAndLand.com.

“In putting together my marketing plan for the year, and the specific marketing plan per property, I look at the media I know people use. Nine out of 10 buyers have Homes & Land in the front seat when they are physically looking for a home.

“I am confident when I put my listings in Homes & Land that I am getting the maximum exposure possible. My goal is to reach as many “real” buyers as possible. I am pleased to provide my clients the breadth and depth of my marketing knowledge and expertise.

“Homes & Land is a great partner for me in that effort!”

Lauren Stone WEBLauren Stone
Bean Group

Homes & Land Affiliates, LLC, is the most trusted, integrated multimedia real estate brand in North America. A leading local resource for real estate information, HomesAndLand.com welcomes millions of unique visitors every month. Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, with magazines across the United States and Canada, Homes & Land has been serving real estate professionals, homebuyers and home sellers since 1973. In addition to Homes & Land Magazine, the company publishes Home Guide, Rental Guide, and Estates & Homes magazines.

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“Responsive Web Design” And Why It Matters In Real Estate

What is your customer’s real estate search experience like? Do you find viewing websites on a smartphone or tablet frustrating? If you are scrolling or panning side to side to see the whole page, your customers are as well. That’s because most websites are behind the curve when it comes to functioning on smartphones and tablets. It requires a design change that until recently wasn’t available. For the real estate agent, a website with responsive web design meets the needs of a growing mobile audience – and increases visibility.

2013 has been declared the year of Responsive Web Design (RWD) by technology news sources like Mashable.com. Meaning, more and more websites will be implementing this design to adjust to the many devices used today. The increasing use of mobile web access demands it.

Mobile Experience Drives Actionstk164365rke

Mobile browsing is fast outpacing desktop browsing. At the same time, more than 80% of people are disappointed with their mobile browsing experience and would use their smartphones more if it improved (source: smashingmagazine.com). How a real estate site behaves on a mobile device is crucial to how much viewers use it – and that affects the likelihood of them contacting you.

As an agent, it benefits you if buyers and sellers have an enjoyable and satisfying web search experience that is smooth and complete. A website that isn’t mobile friendly risks losing traffic and ultimately business. Statistics prove it. 91% of people in the U.S. have their mobile device within reach all day, every day. 70% of mobile searches result in action within 1 hour (Source: Mobile Marketing Association). Think about that for a second. Are you benefitting from these on-the-go action takers?

How it Works

The content on a PC screen hasn’t transferred very well to a smartphone or tablet until now. Responsive Web Design, a term only recently coined in 2010, means that no matter what device you are using, smartphone, tablet, or desktop, the image adjusts according to the screen size of the device it’s being viewed on. Your clients need and expect full functionality on their mobile device just as they would get on a desktop. Responsive web design allows for that and enables easy reading and navigating.

Digital Engagement Leads to You Responsive Design Smartphone Tablet

To view a good example of a real estate search site with responsive design, take a look at HomesAndLand.com. Homes & Land is a leader in technologysolutions that support its advertisers. The recently completed makeover of the website improves both the desktop and mobile user experience. With faster page load times and easier navigation, buyers can quickly and easily search and view real estate listings and have the same experience whether they’re on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Larger property photos easily display on both smartphones and tablets, encouraging the viewer to stay engaged. That translates to them being on the site longer because it delivers what they need and want. Agents gain greater exposure as a result. If prospects can find you easily while they are mobile, that’s a good thing.

In a survey conducted in late 2012, 63% of Homes & Land’s readers indicated they are likely to drive by a listing after seeing it in the magazine. 72% also said they would then find that same property online. Many buyers out for a Sunday drive, looking at houses or open houses, now have full website functionality on their mobile device thanks to HomesAndLand.com’s use of RWD.

People use mobile devices for both work and play. So, by all means, if play means looking at houses on their tablet, who are we to stop them or frustrate them with a poor viewing experience? For serious house hunters, responsive web design means getting what they want when they need it. Real estate sites with responsive design provide a satisfying experience for buyers and sellers, which can mean more leads for you. Perhaps you’ll be getting more requests for a showing while they are sitting in front of your listing.

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Share Your Listings on Your Facebook Business Page – Instantly

You may already know that Homes & Land makes it easy to market listings using social media. With a few clicks advertisers can share listings on Facebook and Twitter that automatically include the property photo and description, or post EZ Tours on YouTube.

We also give you a choice as to where and how to display your listings within your Facebook account. You can post listings individually on your Profile page, or include all your inventory on a dedicated “My Listings” tab on your Business Page.

Now you have a third option. From the same “Social Syndication” section of the Homes & Land Control Panel, advertisers can choose to post select listings on their Business Page wall. This way your new listings are shared with everyone who “likes” your page – instantly.

Here’s How

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Helping Your Community

by Rob Wicker

Are you thinking about doing more volunteer work, helping the needy in your community, but not sure where to turn? Here’s a website that identifies both short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities. Go to www.VolunteerMatch.org.

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