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We’ll Help You Win

Homes & Land does a lot to generate leads. We also help you win listings. No doubt there are times when you compete with three or four other good agents for a listing. HeartThese competing agents are going to share a marketing plan with their sellers.

They’ll talk about posting listings on the same websites — Zillow, Realtor.com, their company website. Here’s where Homes & Land gives you a competitive edge.

You’ll have listing flyers like the one at left to show sellers everything you’ll do for them. Imagine how impressed they will be to see that you’re making an investment in a complete marketing package that includes Homes & Land magazine, the digital magazine, direct mail, 20-plus websites, social media, texting, and a virtual tour.

And think how luxury sites like the WSJ, the NYT, the Robb Report, and duPont Registry can help you win high-end listings.

Will a marketing package like this help you with sellers?

You bet. And as we all know, the right listings attract the right buyers, which means more closings for you.

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Find Your Greatest Strength – Here’s How

by Adrian Amos

Last week Homes & Land had our Annual Business Conference where we were fortunate enough to have New York Times Best Selling Author Stefan Swanepoel as our keynote speaker.

Stefan presented findings from his latest book “Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life,” where he uses animals from the plains of Africa as metaphors for personality traits and survival skills we use every day.

Is your greatest strength creativity under pressure?

Adaptable people-skills?

Or fluid communication abilities?

A couple years ago Stefan noticed how different animals used similar traits to survive in their environment too.

All of us have a “primary animal” – or set of skills we rely on in our personal and business lives.

Mine is the Communicating Elephant. I’m a good listener and good communicator and I do rely heavily on my communication abilities as a writer, marketer, and friend.

At the conference, Stefan told this incredible story about the elephants he witnessed in Africa. They have several different sounds they make with their trunks to communicate with the herd, their children, and interestingly – in mourning when a pack member has died.

The elephants stomp on the ground, which can be heard for 10 miles or more, calling the rest of the pack to join them in a somber “song” marking the passing of one of the herd.

When you know your animal – and the animal for those closest to you – it can help you understand yourself and how you interact with others.

More importantly, it can help you better understand your bosses, co-workers, clients, friends & family members by knowing what their strengths are and how they relate to the world.

Stefan worked with psychologists to develop an online quiz to determine your primary animal. Take it here.

The story Stefan unfolds in his book is an incredible journey into the Serengeti in Africa, and into your own psyche. It’s definitely worth reading! Pick up a copy here.

And tell us what animal you are.

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What’s Your Mission Statement?

By Rob Wicker

Many companies struggle with producing a working mission statement. In an effort to be all inclusive as to what the company does, the mission statement ends up being ambiguous or overly complex. Employees can’t remember, much less act on, this kind of mission statement.

Peter Drucker, as usual, had it right. Drucker is the most successful business professor of all time, and he believed in simple mission statements. Drucker wrote the most straight forward mission statement ever: “The purpose of business is to create and keep customers.”

According to Drucker, “What does our customer find valuable?” is the question businesspeople should continually ask themselves. If you know the answer, attracting and keeping customers becomes a natural process and the mission statement a natural result. This is true for multi-national corporations and individual real estate professionals.


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