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Make the holidays happy for your business

While the competition makes merry, smart agents are making money. If recent history is any guide, more than $3 billion in real estate commissions will be generated nationally during the year’s fourth quarter.

Stymied by owners who don’t want their homes on the market during the holidays? Tim and Julie Harris of Real Estate Coaching Radio have the answers for sellers’ objections. Among their points in a recent broadcast:

◼ Sellers can expect fewer showings during the holiday months, but better showings. The buyers out at this time of year are committed and qualified.

◼ There’s less competition from other homes. Julie notes that even houses with “challenges” will sell in the fourth quarter, when inventory is limited.

◼ Most homes look their best for the holidays. Seasonal decorating “takes staging to an entirely different level,” Tim says.

Listen to Tim and Julie online for more great “Holiday Objection Handlers.”

Click here to find the audio

Beyond dealing with objections, Tim emphasizes that agents must look open for holiday business if they’re going to get any. “You don’t need to be telling folks that you have limited hours this time of year,” he says, warning agents to avoid making it sound as if they’re off for the winter through voice- mails or a website calendar.

And for goodness’ sake, don’t catch “SAD,” Seasonal Advertising Disorder. If your listings aren’t advertised with Homes & Land, you may miss out on your share of that holiday pie.

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Your best buyer may be overseas

International buyers snapped up $104 billion dollars’ worth of residential property in the U.S. from April 2014 through March 2015, according to the new “Profile of International Buying Activity” from the National Association of Realtors.

That figure represents 8 percent of the dollar volume of U.S. existing home sales during that 12 months, and it should be of particular interest to agents selling luxury properties. The average price of the homes purchased by international buyers was $499,600, nearly twice the average price of $255,600 for American buyers. Chinese buyers tended to pay more, an average of $831,800.

For the first time in NAR’s report, buyers from China were responsible for the largest portion of foreign sales, spending $28.6 billion on American properties. They were followed by buyers from Canada, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom. A majority of the transactions were all cash.


The easiest way to reach high-dollar international buyers is right in your own backyard. Homes & Land sends qualified luxury listings to the websites where those buyers look, including the Wall Street Journal’s editions for Asia, Europe and India, and the Chinese and Spanish-language versions of Mansion Global, mansionglobal.com.

Buying that exposure on your own would cost approximately $1,400 per listing. When you advertise with Homes & Land, it’s part of the package.

Click here to read NAR’s report on international sales

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Reaching Younger Buyers and Sellers

You know homebuyers and sellers 35 and younger grew up digital and turn to the Internet for real estate information. When it comes to communications, it’s not surprising they also trend digital. NAR notes in its "Generational Trends Report" that young buyers put importance on your communicating through emails and texts, while older buyers are more interested in phone calls.

But Millennials can surprise you. For one thing, they love print.

"Textbook makers, bookstore owners and college student surveys all say Millennials still strongly prefer print for pleasure and learning," the Washington Post reports in an article titled "Why digital natives prefer reading in print." Why do they? Print doesn’t beep, and it lets you relax and absorb what’s on the page.

The same factors play into our continuing attraction to print catalogs, which retailers such as JC Penney have found they can’t afford to give up, and to magazines. An amazing 91 percent of Americans read a magazine in the past six months. Younger Americans, 18 to 24, read more magazines than any other age group.

That’s where Homes & Land comes in. We’re a print magazine, a catalog of homes. We’re also a digital player with a website and easy-to-use online tools. We’re a multichannel, integrated marketing company that gets your listings to everywhere your customers are, no matter their age.

Get a closer look at the whole Homes & Land package

Getting the Web Right

"So, I just wanted to let you know. This week I have been going through all of my websites, ads, everything … lol. And what I have found very interesting is that, going through these 30-some-odd websites, when I searched for myself before logging in … I’m either nowhere to be found, my information is incorrect, or the profile just looks plain flat stupid. When I got onto HomesAndLand.com — everything is correct!!! When I searched for myself in 73034, bam, there I was. When I clicked on details, bam, there they were … good job!!!!"

DAVID DOBSON, Realtor/broker with ERA Courtyard
in Oklahoma City, Okla., and Homes & Land advertiser

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Get Ready for a Strong Spring

The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that purchase loan applications rose the last week of March for the twelfth week in a row after 53 weeks of declines, increasing 5.7 percent week over week (seasonally adjusted) and 7.6 percent year over year.

ArrowThe continued good news in applications and other indicators shows a housing market with forward momentum, concludes financial services company Raymond James: "Positive data points such as tight existing home inventory and a seven-year high in February’s new home sales pace help reinforce the positive feedback on the current spring selling season from our early channel checks. Continued sub-4% mortgage rates and the adoption of the 97% LTV program by Freddie Mac in late March should further expand credit availability and provide a boost to the housing market."

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A Smart Strategy Pays Off


"Homes & Land magazine has been an integral part of my marketing. I can attribute a six-figure commission on a transaction that had a presence in the local Homes & Land Magazine of Southeast Coastal Georgia."

A LUXURY REALTY FIRM IN ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA., www.albrowncompany.com

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