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What Every Agent Should Know About Marketing

There is an overwhelming amount of information about the “best practices” of marketing. Classes are taught about it, books are written, and coaches pitch their programs. One of the most important tenets of marketing, and often the most forgotten, is that successful marketing requires patience and persistence.

This can be difficult for impatient real estate agents who want to see instant leads from short-term efforts. However, studies show consistent contact turns prospects into clients and generates a second wave of upcoming business. Your goal as an agent is to make sure prospects that are in the researching stage become convinced that you are the agent to contact when they are ready. Win them over through a well thought out marketing plan and determination.

It’s a well-known fact that real estate is a constantly flowing and changing business, as evident by the current market and the ups and downs experienced over the past decade. Successful agents, and anyone who advertises for that matter, grew their business during these cycles by staying in front of potential customers with the following three objectives.

Raise Your Visibility in the Market

Reach your target audience everywhere they might look. To be effective, reach them through multiple avenues: your website or blog, real estate search MM Graphic April 2013sites, social media, print advertising, and don’t forget direct mail. Yes, a combination of online and offline methods is best. Magazines and direct mail put you in front of prospects, eliminating the need for them to search for you. Simply asking for their business can make an impression upon a potential seller and resonate with them down the road.

Your goal is to be so high on the visibility scale that people immediately think of you when they think about real estate. In his book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller said, “…buyers and sellers seem to have room in their minds for only one or two real estate agents. In the battle for real estate consumer mind share, you’re either first or second or you’re out of contention… So the big question and challenge is how to win those first two positions of real estate mind share with enough people.”

Earn Your Prospect’s Trust

Advertising when others are not can make you appear more stable than your competitors. How and where you advertise impacts whether or not you receive serious consideration. The real estate market, as an indicator of the overall economy, has been in the news so much lately that people are paying attention. All real estate is local, right? So where is the best place for people to get local market information? It should be you. Use market reports, testimonials and real estate niche magazines to provide information and enhance credibility. Consumers trust magazine advertisements and content over all other sources of media. Add to that word of mouth referrals and you’ve covered both the front end (credible advertising) and the back-end (happy customers) to explain why they should choose you. The more consistently prospects see you and your message, the more likely they are to trust and respond.

Stay Top-Of-Mind

To be effective, implement your plan no matter what the market is doing. That may involve budgeting ahead. When the market is hot, you need that Marketing Minute Sales Contact Graphic-01contact to prevent your competitors from stealing your visibility and therefore market share. When the market cools, the consistency is even more important. If prospects stop seeing you, they stop thinking of you. When others have put their marketing on hold, you’ll have gained attention and remain top-of-mind when things pick up.

This graph of time-honored statistics shows us that the decision to act is made not after 2 or 3 encounters, but after many, repetitive exposures. If you’ve ever engaged in a marketing campaign to promote your business, you probably have seen this to be true. If you haven’t reached your target audience at least 5 times, you may have quit too soon to win them over.

Go the distance. Often we’re tempted to give up without realizing how close we are to reaching our goal. An inspirational scene from the hit movie Facing the Giants  illustrates that we often create our own limitations based on what we see and not on our true potential.

Every step you take toward increasing your visibility, gaining trust, and holding that top-of-mind spot brings you one step closer to increased prosperity. Don’t lose your hard-earned visibility. Elevate your presence and remember patience and persistence will pay off!

Contact your Homes & Land marketing partner today to learn how Homes & Land’s integrated offerings can help you with your marketing strategy.

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Resolve To Be Remembered

WP Writing a List

People are eagerly seeking information on their local real estate market, trends and opportunities.

“54% are actively looking to buy and sell, with 34% wanting to learn more about the local real estate market.”*


According to Statistics Brain, people who make clear resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t.


Why are these statistics and information so important? If you resolve to be remembered by those looking to buy and sell, you will need to be visible to them frequently.

Now  is the perfect time to try new ways to expand your reach and be remembered.

  • The average attention span of people has dwindled from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2012  
  • About 7% of people also forget their own birthday

Are you ready to make a clear resolution to be remembered? Homes & Land offers multiple services to help you be remembered. Commit to using these easy to use tools throughout the year.


Homes & Land advertisers benefit from a Personal Website at no additional charge. This is a great way for you to promote your inventory and link to other websites. Contact your local publisher to learn how you can benefit from an AdEssential website.

Advertising works when the right people see it. Targeted Mailings of Homes & Land magazine ensure that you and your listings are seen by people actively buying and selling real estate.

*2012 4th Quarter Homes & Land Readership Survey

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How to Achieve Your Goals

by Rob Wicker

Most of us, at one time or another, set goals. We want to lose weight or improve in a sport or make more money. So we establish a goal, such as losing weight, and we post a photo of our slimmer self on the refrigerator as motivation. Then what happens?

Usually not much. We get distracted or discouraged and our goal goes by the wayside. In fact, according to the New York Times, 80% of New Year’s resolutions go up in flames by Valentine’s Day!

The problem is that most people don’t take the proper approach to achieving goals. They fail to think through and implement the day by day steps that are necessary to be successful.

I heard an interview with Bill Gates, who has achieved so much as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Gates said that he focused on the small steps that eventually led to huge acheivements: Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A useful guide to help you achieve your goals is the Pick Four manual. The ideas in the manual were originally published by the legendary Zig Ziglar. The manual has recently been updated by the equally legendary Seth Godin.

The manual outlines a 12-week program with a track for identifying and achieving four goals. You can find the Pick Four manual here. One of the nice things about the manual is that it helps you hold yourself accountable. If there are specific goals you want to achieve, Pick Four is definitely worth a look.

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