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May 2018 Marketing Minute

Confidence in Housing at New Peak

Confidence in housing is at a new peak, with enthusiasm among sellers soaring, according to the April Fannie Mae Home Purchase Sentiment Index®. Follow this link to find out what is driving the lift.

How Technology Is Creating Opportunities For Women In Real Estate

Technology isn’t just about coding. It’s about the application of technology and how it can make traditional industries more innovative and open for everyone. The diverse team at Sharestates allowed them to see an opportunity in making the finance and real estate industries more accessible to entrepreneurial women. Read the full article here.

Thursday is the Best Day to List a Home, Find Out What Time

CNBC’s Diana Olick talks to real estate experts to find out the best day of the week and time to list your home for maximum sale exposure. Watch her short report here.

6 Tips to Freshen Up a Stale Listing

If your property is listed for more than a month, you might start to get nervous, but if it’s up for more than a couple of months, you’ll need to consider taking serious action to salvage the listing. Here are six tips to help you freshen up your stale listing.

Homebuilder Sentiment Rises in May Thanks to Strong Demand and Tight Housing Supply

A monthly index of builder sentiment rose 2 points in May, 1 point higher than analysts expected. The National Association of Home Builders sentiment index now stands at 70. Anything above 50 is considered positive. Read more here.


The First Guinness World Record-setting Real Estate Agent is . . .

This Start-up Aims to Help Almost any Homebuyer Make an All-cash Bid

Cybersecurity Protocol? Many Don’t Have One, or Don’t Know If They Do

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.”

Former Major League Baseball Pitcher



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October 2017 Marketing Minute

3 Essential Tools for 10x Real Estate Marketing

How does a real estate marketing plan that’s 10x better than what you’re doing now sound? In order to stand out from the crowd in today’s technologically-saturated world, an efficient marketing plan is needed to keep business booming. Here are the three essential tools that you need to be utilizing.

The Inman Files: Blow Up Upstream

In case you haven’t heard, Upstream is a multi-million dollar project that has MLSs questioning on whether or not they are willing to buy in to the project. The yet-to-be launched platform ultimately functions as a middleman between brokers and the receivers of their data, including MLSs and vendors. Read this opinion on why we should “Blow Up Upstream” from the Inman Files.

Why Generational Preferences Need To Be Used In Your Marketing Strategy

Do you like face-to-face conversations? Or do you prefer an email conversation? Or maybe, you’d rather do all interacting from your smartphone. In today’s real estate industry, everyone from baby boomers to millenials are in the mix for purchasing a home. Because of this, it’s important to use different types of marketing strategies to hit all of the generations who might be looking. This article gives examples of marketing done well that targets all generational preferences.

What To Expect When It’s Time To Get Your Home Inspected

For the most part, getting your home inspected after a bid is accepted is a pretty straight-forward process. With that being said, buyers often have some lingering questions such as, “How do I find a reliable home inspector?” or “What does my home inspection cover?” For the ins and outs of home inspections and what to expect, check out this article.

10 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media

In order to keep people engaged on social media, your potential customers want to know that there’s a human on the other side of the screen. Instead of only posting about your business, make sure to leverage real connections at the same time. Here are 10 ways to build your personal brand in order to take your real estate business to the next level through social media.


The Demographics of Realtors®, 2017 Edition

30 Years After Black Monday and The Housing Crash, A Look at Its Effects on Real Estate

The Cyber Security Threat and Measures You Should Take

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”




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September 2017 Marketing Minute

5 Stats on How Print Magazines Are Growing in 2017

Did you know that 226 NEW print magazines were launched in 2016? In a world of overwhelming email marketing campaigns, social media ads, and an enormous scope of digital offerings – it’s easy to wonder the age old question of whether or not print is dead. According to research, the opposite is true. You can’t deny statistics. Check out these five facts on how print magazines are actually growing.

15 Crazy Real Estate Myths Your Clients Probably Believe

The six percent commission rule. The idea that a home can only either pass or fail an inspection. And finally, the idea that weekends bring out the most serious buyers. You might not realize it, but some customers believe outdated real estate myths that have been passed down the grapevine. Make sure that they are receiving accurate facts in order in order to reflect a positive experience on both ends. See all 15 myths that your clients probably think are true.

Mortgage Demand Is About to Boom, But Not Without Fraud Risks

Did you know that CoreLogic predicits that purchase mortgage applications will make up 75 percent of all applications by 2018? While this is seen to be a good thing, along comes the risk of fraud. In order to ensure a smooth mortgage transaction, read about these three mortgage fraud indicators that are on the rise so that you and your clients don’t have to run into any hiccups.

Staying a Step Ahead Of The Bad Guys

September is recognized as Realtor Safety Month by the National Association of Realtors, which means that personal safety tops the list. Whether you require that a potential client provides ID before a showing, or even a preapproval from a lender to prove serious interest beforehand – it’s important to stay on your toes as an agent. Here are several tips that will help you to stay safe on the job.

9 Tech Tools Any Real Estate Business Should Add To Its Arsenal

According to NAR, 27% of agents and 21% of brokers spent between $501 and $2,000 on technology in the last 12 months. The nine tools discussed in this article can assist in helping to better run a business, as well as cut out some of the unnecessary steps that waste time when undergoing day-to-day tasks as a broker or agent.


Millennials Are Prolonging Home Buying Because of College Debt

Here’s The Salary You Need To Afford a Home in 22 U.S. Cities

What’s Rude To Ask During An Open House?

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”




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August 2017 Marketing Minute

7 Secrets to Winning Over More Clients

Today’s consumer expects a callback within an hour of submitting a request for a Realtor. A study done by PCMS Consulting and One Cavo found that 75 percent of agents took too long to respond to a client’s request. If you want to attract more customers, sometimes you have to position yourself from the eyes of the buyer. Check out these seven secrets that will result in referrals from clients over and over again.

Do These 5 Things to Establish Yourself as a New Realtor

There are more than 2 million practicing agents in the U.S., so it’s easy to feel intimidated when you first step into the market as a new Realtor. Hit the ground running by branding yourself, and make sure to build your credibility by reaching out when you need advice as well as networking on a regular basis. Even if you’re an experienced agent, these tips can help to better your business.

Create Shareable Social Media Content With These Tips

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text alone. In the real estate industry, it’s important to create content that’s simple, yet intriguing. With these five tips from RISMedia, you’ll find that you can quickly increase your scope of coverage to potential clients by creating shareable content in no time. Check out how you can become more social media savvy here.

Housing Finance Reform Might Be On its Way

With the Trump administration saying that housing reform is one of its “top priorities,” expect those talks to begin soon. According to HousingWire, it starts by making rental housing more affordable. By doing so, the steady stream of affordable supply helps to stabilize families to support future homeownership. If you’re an agent, don’t be afraid to shy away rentals. If you’re interested in several other factors that might have an impact of housing reform, read more here.

10 Marketing Tools for Agents That Require Little Time Through Automation

At Homes & Land, the value of advertising goes well beyond the print side with resources that include social media exposure, digital issues, email campaigns, and more. In order to be successful as an agent, automation can help you get ahead of the game by doing most of the work for you. In return, you’ll find a lot more hours to spend with clients while still staying relevant in the meantime. See the 10 tools that will help take your status to the next level here.


Leading Marketing Index Indicates Improvement Across the Entire Country

What’s Going on with the Neighborhoods in the Middle Who Are Neither Struggling nor Thriving?

Millennials are Buying Homes Based on Their Dogs, Not Their Children or Families

“Work like there is someone working twenty-four hours a day to take it away from you.”

Entrepreneur, Television Personality



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July 2017 Marketing Minute

3 Ways Real Estate Agents Waste Resources on Social Media

In previous editions of the Marketing Minute, we’ve talked about best practices for successful social media. But, oftentimes just as important as what you should be doing, is what you should NOT be doing. Take a look at three ways you might be wasting resources on social media.

A Mind-Blowing, Simple Way to Start a Prospecting Conversation

Whether you’ve been an agent for 2 months or 20 years, starting a sales conversation is an ever-present obstacle for some. This article from Inman provides an easy way to engage prospects in a sales conversation without coming off as a “sales person.” Find out their advice here.

Is it Easier to Sell Real Estate in a Good Market or a Bad One?

Most of the data we’ve shared here on the Marketing Minute has talked about the recent nationwide trend of relatively low sales inventory coupled with high buyer demand due to low interest rates. The debate goes on however, as to whether these are positive signs for sellers. Take a look at the latest debate from the Inman team here.

Is This The Future of Real Estate Marketing?

In the real estate industry, we’ve gone from simple text descriptions, photos, videos and video tours. New technology is now available that will use sophisticated cameras to render a 3-D model of your listings. Forbes discusses whether this is the future of showcasing your listings here.

Making Your Dollars Count

Here at Homes & Land, we are always looking for ways to make the most of your marketing dollars. Aside from the channels you decide to use as part of your marketing strategy, you also need to focus on the activities that drive the most revenue while delegating other tasks. This article from RISMedia talks about how to best prioritize your time. Read more here.


Survey Says: Homeownership is a Sound Investment If You Can Afford It

A Big Deal in Nonprime Mortgages Proves leery Investors are Finally Hungry Again

Is Now the Right Time to Start Selling Luxury Real Estate?

“I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don’t hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales.”

American author, salesman, and motivational speaker



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