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May 2019 Marketing Minute

Improving Engagement with Prospects and Nurturing Client Relationships

Successful real estate agents manage a lot of moving parts in their business. Learn how to manage current client relationships and develop new ones.
Learn about it by clicking this link.

Agent Best Practices: A High Level View

Whether you’ve been in the real estate industry for 5 months or 10 years, learn fundamental best practices, or get a refresh on current trends.
See what the experts say.

How to Master Your Local Real Estate Market

Read these 5 tips to improve brand awareness in your local market.
Read about it here.

Social Media Marketing: How to Make the Most of Your Platforms

The digital world is where most people start their search for anything these days. And that’s especially true with the home search process. Learn how to get in front of your prospects with these social media hacks.
Learn about it here.

Writing property Listings that Sell

Property listings are the face of your product, and a direct reflection on your business acumen. Learn how to write, display, and promote them to get the most out of your listings.
Read about some helpful tips and tricks.


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April 2019 Marketing Minute

How to Market to Your Luxury Real Estate Clients

Developing a strong roster of luxury real estate clientele can be difficult, especially if you’re transitioning to the luxury market, or just starting out specializing in the luxury market. Learn some tools to help you build your client base and start earning those top commissions.
Learn about it by clicking this link.

5 Ways to Improve Real Estate Marketing to Seniors

Real estate marketing differs significantly depending on who you’re marketing to. Retirees and seniors are no exception. Learn some tips for how to market your real estate listings to these older generations.
See what the experts say.

Realtor Marketing Vs. Realtor Branding

Defining your brand is a big part of any marketing strategy. Having a firm grasp on your company’s mission and vision will help you define your brand and pursue your marketing goals.
Read about it here.

How Real Estate Marketing Works

Creating a marketing strategy is a great first step for business outreach. But you have to understand how it works in order to execute those strategies effectively.
Learn about it here.

Creating a Real Estate Marketing Budget

Creating a marketing budget is vital for your real estate business, whether you’re a new agent or a well-established brokerage firm.
Read about some helpful tips and tricks.


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March 2019 Marketing Minute

New Agents: Do You Need a Degree to Succeed in Real Estate?

Real estate is an industry of experience, learning, and connections. Do you need a higher ed degree to be successful?
Learn about it by clicking this link.

How to Use the Weekend to Bolster Your Social Media Presence

For the real estate world, working on the weekends is essential. Learn how to bolster your clientele and build your brand with a strong social media presence.
See what the experts say.

A Success Plan to Build and Scale Your Team

No matter what stage your sales team is at right now, there’s a strategy to build and scale your company for the future.
Read about it here.

The Sweet Spot of Advertising: When Broad Awareness Meets Micro-Targeting

Advertising in the real estate industry can be extremely difficult. It can feel like you must cater to everyone’s interests while simultaneously targeting specific groups of people. Find out how to reach those niche clients while promoting your brand through broad range advertising.
Learn about it here.

Accelerate New Agent Sales With a Success Plan

Want your team to succeed? Create a strategic marketing plan to help nurture their clientele and keep them top of mind for consumers.
Read about some helpful tips and tricks.


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April 2018 Marketing Minute

Single-family home property taxes rose 3% in 2017: Attom

Attom Data Solutions, an Irvine, California, information firm, proclaims that the average property tax paid in 2017 by owners of single-family homes in the U.S. was $3,296 per house. Explore an interactive 2017 property taxes by county map and get the full scoop here.

Homebuilder sentiment slips in April due to pressure from tariffs and rising prices

The nation’s homebuilders should be ecstatic about their market. Demand is high and supply is painfully low. Builder confidence, however, is slipping, as costs for materials rise. Read on for more details

Hurdlr makes play for real estate agents with business management app

Another startup company has taken aim at the real estate business, to provide “front office” services to agents still using excel spreadsheets and paper to track their finances. Find out more about the winner of Realogy’s 2017 startup competition here.

Subprime mortgages make a comeback—with a new name and soaring demand

They were blamed for the biggest financial disaster in a century. Subprime mortgages — home loans to borrowers with sketchy credit who put little to no skin in the game. Barely a decade later, they’re coming back with a new name — nonprime — and, so far, some new standards. Check out Diana Olick’s writeup and video clip on the situation here.

NAR: Competition in Real Estate ‘Vigorous’

NAR General Counsel Katie Johnson provides a short statement ahead of a June U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) public workshop describing the state of the real estate market. Read the full post here.


Spring Hits the Housing Market as Weekly Mortgage Applications Rise 4.9%

Disruption Coming In the Luxury Home Market

NAR Pauses Logo Release to ‘Examine‘ Redesign

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”

32nd President of the United States



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March 2018 Marketing Minute

Supercharge Your Marketing Message and Convert More Prospects to Profits

We know that today’s savvy consumer can get whatever they want by searching the net, but when you deliver interesting and specific information that’s pertinent to their area, community or neighborhood, you’re more likely to grab their attention and begin building your brand as their local resource. Read more here.

Long-term US mortgage rates fall for first time this year

Long-term U.S. mortgage rates fell this week for the first time this year as the spring home buying season begins. The decline comes after nine straight weeks of increases that pushed borrowing costs higher. The new average rate remains at a high level, however, raising concern that home sales could be dampened. Read on for more details.

How Driverless Cars Could Disrupt The Real Estate Industry

The introduction of a driverless vehicle option could make access to public transit less important to commuters. And that could have a major impact on the needs and demands of the buyers, tenants and renters of office and residential properties (whether single-family or multifamily). Click/tap here for the full article.

Cryptocurrency: First U.S. Real Estate Deed Recorded Using Ethereum

RE/MAX Action First in Tampa predicts that the technology is set to disrupt the industry and is prepared to embrace the use of cryptocurrency in real estate, stating transactions could be settled in minutes instead of multiple days or weeks. Read more about this new technology here.

Real Estate: Trade War Consequences For Housing

Talk of trade war is dominating Wall Street these days. Main Street should be concerned as well. It appears to be an unnecessary burden for prospective homebuyers and builders of homes to contend with, and it may weigh against home sales as the year progresses. Read the full article here. Read the full article here.


Millennials lead all other generations in buying homes

Regulatory Relief Bill Passes Senate

Mortgage refinances fall to decade low

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

American essayist, lecturer, philosopher and poet



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