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Homes & Land’s Marketing Minute

You’re getting noticed online

Looking for a way to rise above the Internet’s noise and clutter? You’ve got one. It’s called Homes & Land.

Your ad in the magazine comes with a package of features and benefits designed to increase your online exposure:

  • Extensive online syndication (click here to see the full list)
  • Luxury syndication for qualified listings to the Wall Street Journal, duPont Registry and other premium sites that target affluent consumers
  • A personal website to increase your visibility *
  • Featured Agent status on, so you’re easy to find and contact
  • Virtual tours automatically created for any property with six or more photos
  • Social media tools to help spread the word about listings
  • Your ad in the Digital Magazine, which you can share with buyers and sellers

Selling words

Real estate portal Zillow set out to figure out which words move buyers by analyzing more than 60 search terms used in more than 2 million listings from January 2014 to March 2016. Terms such as “subway tile” and “Craftsman-style” were associated with higher prices and faster sales, and “quartz” beats “granite” in the ranked keyword list.

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Put your best Facebook forward

Sheila Sundberg, founder of real-estate marketing service GrammarPros, offers guidance on avoiding the mistakes that will “kill your Facebook page.” First and foremost, don’t use your personal page for business — FB reserves the right to shut down your page in that circumstance. On the plus side, creating a business page is easy and comes with practical benefits.

Read the article

Homes & Land Magazine works! I just took out a full-page ad in Homes & Land Magazine, which hasn’t even gone to print yet. This morning before I headed out on a listing appointment, I e-mailed [the sales associate] to see if the proof was ready so I could take that along to show the sellers. Within a couple minutes she had the proof sent to me. I took that along with my other listing tools. This ad proof put the sellers over the top. They selected me over a handful of other agents. Thank you Homes & Land Magazine! You captured my brand, and my business!”

— COLLEEN PAULSON, Tierra Antigua Realty


From the Pat-Yourself-on-the-Back Department: “How the real estate industry is crushing content marketing”

A national brokerage reaches out to young customers with emoji-based buyer and seller guides

“It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.”

— ZIG ZIGLAR, salesman and author

* If you have a digital “business card” but no personal website through Homes & Land, contact your Publisher to have your account upgraded.

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A Smart Strategy Pays Off


"Homes & Land magazine has been an integral part of my marketing. I can attribute a six-figure commission on a transaction that had a presence in the local Homes & Land Magazine of Southeast Coastal Georgia."


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Did That ‘Digital’ Lead Come From Print?


When Toronto-based company WebsiteBox recently asked 340 real estate professionals if print is dead, the answer was a definite "no." Print is very much alive, and agents float out listing and business information on millions of printed pieces each year — magazine ads, flyers, postcards, business cards, and more.

But a problem lies in the fact that agents often have no idea of how many leads come from print as versus digital, writes WebsiteBox CEO Peyman Aleagha in an article for Inman News.

"When customers receive that postcard and decide to visit your website to learn more about you or your services, they are officially print leads, not online leads. Surveys and studies have shown conclusively that more than 80 percent of people are going to real estate websites to learn more about the company or agent after they find out about them through other marketing."

Homes & Land has a simple solution for producing trackable leads from print — text codes. Every time a potential homebuyer types the text code printed on your advertised listing into a phone and presses send, you have instant proof that your printed ad is getting attention and producing leads.

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Easy 5-step strategy for turning old clients to new

Easy 5-step strategy for turning old clients to new

Moving, like other life events, is not often repeated in rapid succession. You can never tell when a happy homeowner is about to become a motivated buyer/seller. However, when it comes to the biggest of all big-ticket purchases — real estate — a repeat customer can represent a big win for agents.

Recently released data on mortgages from Fannie Mae indicate that there’s no time like the present to be in the market buying and selling real estate. With a growing number of Americans thinking now is the right time to attain a home loan, now is definitely the right time for agents to revamp their retention strategies.

These five steps to develop a top-notch retention strategy are important to your success:

1. Recognize the retention reality

In an article for Realty Times, author and former Realtor Bob Hunt points out that “the cost of acquiring a new customer is six to seven times greater than the cost of keeping an existing one.” A commitment to keeping in touch with former clients benefits your budget and your reputation.

2. Your brand in demand

Successful real estate agents make the most of a recognizable brand. Leverage your brand by advertising more than your listings — advertise yourself. Blending traditional methods, like placing a branding advertisement in Homes & Land Magazine, with more unconventional tactics will likely prove to be the perfect brand-awareness boost.

3. Networking on the net

Social media sites, the Web’s destinations for water-cooler conversations, are surprisingly useful, user-friendly and can be your best friend in the retention game. Being visible on Facebook and Twitter is hassle-free with Homes & Land, making regular marketing activities part of your retention strategy by reminding former clients you’re still hard at work.

4. Just being neighborly

A hand-written note. A quick phone call to check in and say, “Hello.” Even a polite email will be welcome amid the flood of other marketing messages your former clients are receiving. In this age of “big data,” taking the time to reach out on a personal level will help you cast a positive light on your client relationships.

5. Don’t forget direct mail

Your Homes & Land publisher is the best local resource for direct mail. Whether it’s post cards, flyers, or magazines featuring your advertisements, targeted mailings can reach former clients without being intrusive. Agents affiliated with Homes & Land have the added benefit of being able to schedule magazine mailings to home sellers right from the online control panel, demonstrating that the agent is gaining maximum exposure from print and ensuring the agent is top-of-mind when the seller is ready to buy or sell again.

Marketing professionals are quick to extol the benefits of a good retention strategy. Don’t be an afterthought next time one of your former clients chooses a real estate agent. With a bit of proactive planning, you’ll be the one getting a call when the decision to move is made.


Homes & Land Affiliates, LLC, is the most trusted, integrated multimedia real estate brand in North America. A leading local resource for real estate information, welcomes millions of unique visitors every month. Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, with magazines across the United States and Canada, Homes & Land has been serving real estate professionals, homebuyers and home sellers since 1973. In addition to Homes & Land Magazine, the company publishes Home Guide, Rental Guide, and Estates & Homes magazines.

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Magazines are top tier for driving online search

Integrated FEATURED

The Association of Magazine Media has released its 2013/2014 Factbook, and innovations that blend print and digital are proving to be ideal for connecting with a target audience. “This year’s Factbook shows that magazine media brands satisfy readers when, where and how they choose,” writes MPA President and CEO Mary G. Berner. In the real estate segment, expect integrated media to play a big role in the buying and selling experience.

A few key highlights from the Factbook demonstrate why magazine media should be central to an agent’s marketing mix.

  • Magazines are top tier for driving online search, chosen by 31% of adults, beating cable TV and newspapers
  • 91% of adults read print or digital magazines in the past six months starting Spring 2013
  • The average reader spends 40 minutes reading each print issue
  • 59% of readers took action or plan to take action as a result of exposure to specific print magazine ads
  • 59% look for a specific print magazine at retail locations

Many websites appear to offer an integrated approach to marketing and advertising, but they aren’t likely to have a foothold in local markets. On the other hand, many publications may claim to be the best local resource, but have no significant online outlet. Homes & Land is strong on local print and strong on national digital, simplifying the marketing efforts of agents and brokerages across North America.

Back in 2012, the National Association of Realtors took a close look the importance of simplicity for buyers and sellers. In it’s report, “Simplify: Real Estate Trends in a time of Uncertainty,” the authors compiling the research examined some of the trends that are expected to have an impact on the industry in the coming years. One key finding:

“Mobility, speed and personal service are critically important for serving today’s consumers. But understanding local markets and building relationships with buyers and sellers — using their preferred communication channels — remain the keys to success in the real estate industry.”

Magazine media are the best at positioning agents as the local market experts, and are ideal for reaching consumers with different reading preferences. Homes & Land, for example, offers text codes, detailed agent contact information with online listings and a mobile-friendly website in

Offline local niche print drives buyers online. Online, it’s more difficult to stand out, so be sure to leverage multiple personal websites, social syndication, EZ Tour videos and luxury options. Be visible where and when buyers and sellers are willing to engage — over coffee with an easy-on-the-eyes magazine, or at the desk searching online for the perfect home.

Homes & Land Success

“‘Getting traffic’ is not an easy task in today’s market. With Homes & Land we see our traffic count increasing with the many potential buyers and sellers that are reading the Homes & Land Magazine and responding to our advertising. The lead generation from the Homes & Land website is just frosting on the cake. We would like to share our delight with the magazine and the impact it has had on our business.”

don_and_geri_WEBDon and Geri Padilla
Re/Max Masters

Homes & Land Affiliates, LLC, is the most trusted, integrated multimedia real estate brand in North America. A leading local resource for real estate information, welcomes millions of unique visitors every month. Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, with magazines across the United States and Canada, Homes & Land has been serving real estate professionals, homebuyers and home sellers since 1973. In addition to Homes & Land Magazine, the company publishes Home Guide, Rental Guide, and Estates & Homes magazines.

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