April 2019 Marketing Minute

How to Market to Your Luxury Real Estate Clients

Developing a strong roster of luxury real estate clientele can be difficult, especially if you’re transitioning to the luxury market, or just starting out specializing in the luxury market. Learn some tools to help you build your client base and start earning those top commissions.
Learn about it by clicking this link.

5 Ways to Improve Real Estate Marketing to Seniors

Real estate marketing differs significantly depending on who you’re marketing to. Retirees and seniors are no exception. Learn some tips for how to market your real estate listings to these older generations.
See what the experts say.

Realtor Marketing Vs. Realtor Branding

Defining your brand is a big part of any marketing strategy. Having a firm grasp on your company’s mission and vision will help you define your brand and pursue your marketing goals.
Read about it here.

How Real Estate Marketing Works

Creating a marketing strategy is a great first step for business outreach. But you have to understand how it works in order to execute those strategies effectively.
Learn about it here.

Creating a Real Estate Marketing Budget

Creating a marketing budget is vital for your real estate business, whether you’re a new agent or a well-established brokerage firm.
Read about some helpful tips and tricks.


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