March 2019 Marketing Minute

New Agents: Do You Need a Degree to Succeed in Real Estate?

Real estate is an industry of experience, learning, and connections. Do you need a higher ed degree to be successful?
Learn about it by clicking this link.

How to Use the Weekend to Bolster Your Social Media Presence

For the real estate world, working on the weekends is essential. Learn how to bolster your clientele and build your brand with a strong social media presence.
See what the experts say.

A Success Plan to Build and Scale Your Team

No matter what stage your sales team is at right now, there’s a strategy to build and scale your company for the future.
Read about it here.

The Sweet Spot of Advertising: When Broad Awareness Meets Micro-Targeting

Advertising in the real estate industry can be extremely difficult. It can feel like you must cater to everyone’s interests while simultaneously targeting specific groups of people. Find out how to reach those niche clients while promoting your brand through broad range advertising.
Learn about it here.

Accelerate New Agent Sales With a Success Plan

Want your team to succeed? Create a strategic marketing plan to help nurture their clientele and keep them top of mind for consumers.
Read about some helpful tips and tricks.


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