October 2018 Marketing Minute

How to Attract Young Real Estate Agents to Your Brokerage

By 2020, millennials will make up half of the workforce. They also have a lot to contribute to the real estate industry. Learn how to attract young agents to your firm. Learn about it by clicking this link.

Study: Real Estate Income Doubles After the First Year

The first year in the business can often be tough, but sticking with it can yield big results. See what the experts say.

Getting Your Clients’ Homes Ready for the Fall

Some best practices for partnering with clients to make their homes ready for fall. Read about it here.

Millennials Now Prioritize Home Ownership Over Starting a Family

Home ownership was once on the decline for the Millennial generation, but new studies show homeownership is becoming more important than starting a family. Learn about it here.

Top 5 Ways to Connect With Your Luxury Audience

The luxury market is nothing if not lucrative. Here are some ways to boost your marketing presence with your luxury clients. Read about some helpful tips and tricks.


Ultimate Lead Generation: Hosting a Real Estate Seminar

6 Questions to Attract More Perfect Clients

Repurposing Your Listing Photos: 3 Timeless Shots That Live on Beyond the Sale

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

26th President of the United States



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