January 2018 Marketing Minute

3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Every Listing

A listing is a listing. But what if you could get more out of it than you originally had thought? The good news is that you can. With 12% of all current homeowners projected to move in the next year, building relationships and networking becomes one of your most important narratives. Here are three ways to ensure that you’re getting the most leads out of your listings.

6 Housing Predictions for 2018 From The Experts

Leave it to industry leaders to know best about what’s going on in the real estate world. There’s always good and bad when it comes to housing, as seen with these six housing predictions from the experts. It’s exciting to see that the millennial demand for housing will keep growing, but there’s also the issue of not enough inventory that will take a toll on 2018 real estate. See these predictions and more by reading the article above.

Tips For A Successful Real Estate Photo Shoot

It’s imperative to have high quality photographs of your listings. From making sure to turn on all the lights, to ensuring that all of the clutter is hidden from a room, there are numberous ways to significantly increase the quality of your real estate photography. Check out these tips so that you can get started today.

What Does The New Tax Law Mean for Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals?

If you’ve been keeping up with the news at all, you’re probably aware that new tax laws have been signed into place as of recently. The good news? The final legislation will benefit homeowners, homebuyers, real estate investors, and even Realtors®. From tax rate reductions to mortgage interest deductions, read this article for a full breakdown on how the tax cuts and Jobs Act will affect your business this coming year.

2018 Social Media Trends

A new year gives you the chance to improve in an area where you might be lacking. For many, social media is an important part of any business that will continue to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and change the way that we consume media in today’s society. Make sure you’re aware of these best practices and trends for the upcoming year so that you can stay ahead of the curve with your business.


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How To Choose a Real Estate Company To Work For

“The key to success is action, and the essential in action is perseverance.”

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