August 2017 Marketing Minute

7 Secrets to Winning Over More Clients

Today’s consumer expects a callback within an hour of submitting a request for a Realtor. A study done by PCMS Consulting and One Cavo found that 75 percent of agents took too long to respond to a client’s request. If you want to attract more customers, sometimes you have to position yourself from the eyes of the buyer. Check out these seven secrets that will result in referrals from clients over and over again.

Do These 5 Things to Establish Yourself as a New Realtor

There are more than 2 million practicing agents in the U.S., so it’s easy to feel intimidated when you first step into the market as a new Realtor. Hit the ground running by branding yourself, and make sure to build your credibility by reaching out when you need advice as well as networking on a regular basis. Even if you’re an experienced agent, these tips can help to better your business.

Create Shareable Social Media Content With These Tips

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text alone. In the real estate industry, it’s important to create content that’s simple, yet intriguing. With these five tips from RISMedia, you’ll find that you can quickly increase your scope of coverage to potential clients by creating shareable content in no time. Check out how you can become more social media savvy here.

Housing Finance Reform Might Be On its Way

With the Trump administration saying that housing reform is one of its “top priorities,” expect those talks to begin soon. According to HousingWire, it starts by making rental housing more affordable. By doing so, the steady stream of affordable supply helps to stabilize families to support future homeownership. If you’re an agent, don’t be afraid to shy away rentals. If you’re interested in several other factors that might have an impact of housing reform, read more here.

10 Marketing Tools for Agents That Require Little Time Through Automation

At Homes & Land, the value of advertising goes well beyond the print side with resources that include social media exposure, digital issues, email campaigns, and more. In order to be successful as an agent, automation can help you get ahead of the game by doing most of the work for you. In return, you’ll find a lot more hours to spend with clients while still staying relevant in the meantime. See the 10 tools that will help take your status to the next level here.


Leading Marketing Index Indicates Improvement Across the Entire Country

What’s Going on with the Neighborhoods in the Middle Who Are Neither Struggling nor Thriving?

Millennials are Buying Homes Based on Their Dogs, Not Their Children or Families

“Work like there is someone working twenty-four hours a day to take it away from you.”

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