August 2016 Marketing Minute

Print delivers the biggest bang for your buck

According to a new study presented by Nielsen Catalina Solutions at the Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement 2016 Conference, magazines deliver the best return on ad spending. That’s right, print magazines outranked TV, digital display and video, as well as mobile and cross-media campaigns.

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Advertise in a quality magazine. Homes & Land recognizes the utmost importance of advertising in magazines, so we have become the leader in integrated real estate marketing, publishing more than 27 million magazines annually. These magazines are distributed at high-traffic locations and direct-mailed to targeted homebuyers and sellers.

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Catch ‘em all! How Pokémon Go is a selling point for Realtors®

You may have noticed this recent cultural phenomenon sweeping across our communities, with PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms popping up everywhere so users can “catch ‘em all!” Believe it or not, this viral app is even making an impact on real estate, and can possibly even be used as a selling point for real estate agents.

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Be inspired and stay inspired!

We’ve all had “those days” when nothing seems to go as planned, but never lose hope! You can bounce back and stay inspired with these 5 tips.

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Are your email subject lines getting noticed?

Without question, the most difficult hurdle that businesses face in email marketing is to create subject lines that will get emails opened. If a prospect doesn’t open your email, then how will they know what you have to say? Luckily, there are steps you can take as a business professional to stand out in a sea of emails.

According to a recent post on the well-established marketing blog Hubspot, your recipients will react strongly to the following:

■ Social proof

■ Unanswered questions

■ Disrupted patterns

■ Self-interest

■ Requests for help

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Kevin O’Leary discusses 3 ways you can immediately be a better salesperson

Google AdWords features you didn’t know existed

Lisa Fata of Coldwell Banker on how she finds real estate rewarding and reveals the key to her success

“I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.”



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