July 2016 Marketing Minute

You have luxury covered

If you do business in the luxury market, count Homes & Land as your not-so-secret weapon. We give you a competitive edge.

With Homes & Land, you can offer an unbeatable marketing package for luxury homes that combines the prestige of print with the power of premium online display.

Homeowners like hearing that their luxury listing will appear on the top websites catering to well-heeled buyers here and abroad.

To tour the sites, click on the links below. Qualified* Homes & Land listings go to:

And luxury loves print. “Magazines rank as the No. 1 platform for advertisers to engage with affluent consumers,” according to the Shullman Research Center.

Contact your Homes & Land Publisher to learn more about our luxury program and direct mail distribution to qualified potential buyers.

An interest rate reality check

As the Fed moves to raise interest rates this year, here’s a question from Bernice Ross of realestatecoach.com to test your knowledge of how rates work in real life: “Your first time buyers are purchasing a home and will be obtaining a $200,000 mortgage. If interest rates increase from 4 to 5 percent over the next year, how much more would your first-time buyers pay in additional interest over the life of a 30-year fixed rate loan?” About $11,000, or maybe around $20K? Nope. One interest point added to that loan’s rate adds $42,772 to the cost of paying off it off over term.

One minute to improved fitness

This sounds too good to be true, but research says it isn’t: Exercising a minute a day can be enough to get you into better shape. That minute must be an all-out, intense effort, but the magic number appears to be one.

Read more

Take a break!

Well-known real estate coach Brian Buffini says your brain needs a break, and scheduling breaks is an important to getting the most from your workday. We’re simply not wired to concentrate in hours-long stretches. Try instead to work in focused blocks, taking a few minutes away from the task at hand every 60 to 90 minutes.

Read Brian Buffini’s productivity “hacks”

“ADVICE TO REALTORS: You cannot afford to NOT advertise in H&L. The added exposure your listing will receive might be the difference between an expired listing or a sale. ADVICE TO SELLERS: Realtors who advertise in Homes & Land are differentiated and probably have the ability to market your property properly. When interviewing Realtors ask to see a copy of their marketing plan. Commission is substantial, so it is essential to know what the Realtor will do for you.




Send an email that gets answered: 23 alternatives to “just checking in”

Even savvy communicators sometimes make these body language mistakes

Cara Ameer of Coldwell Banker speaks frankly to homeowners about the factors that can keep a home from selling

Getting enough sleep is so crucial to performance that you might consider setting an alarm for bedtime

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”



* Properties must meet price thresholds to be listed on premium websites. Those thresholds are determined by each website. Listings priced at $500K or more appear on Europe.WSJ.com, Asia.WSJ.com and India.WSJ.com; listings priced at $1 million or more appear on all of the above, plus Mansion Global’s English, Chinese and Spanish websites.


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