June 2016 Marketing Minute

You’re making home sellers smile

As a real estate agent, you can understand your home sellers’ mindset. They’ve entrusted you with their most valuable asset, and now they’re waiting for something good to happen. And maybe they’re wondering, “Is my agent doing enough?” Homes & Land helps answer that question — “Yes.” When you advertise a property with Homes & Land, our Client Contact Program mails your sellers the magazine showing their home. It arrives in a poly bag with a cheerful yellow note.


“Our sellers love it. They love
to see their pictures in the magazine, they love the glossy print, and they especially love the at-home direct mail. When it goes out to the public and they receive their own copy of it, they’re excited about it.


The mailed magazine also comes with a “Powerhouse Marketing” flyer showing homeowners that the magazine is only one part of a larger marketing campaign that includes direct mail to potential buyers, extensive online exposure for listings on 20+ websites, social sharing and a Virtual Tour.

For more on the many benefits you and clients get when you advertise, click here

Lucky numbers for home prices

Realty team leader Robert McTague finds that while using nines might have been a good pricing strategy decades ago, the practice now may hurt a property’s odds of being found during an online search. His research shows, however, that there appear to be benefits to using prices featuring the numbers four or seven.

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What’s the secret to success?

Superstar agent Judie Crockett of Howard Hanna Real Estate recently told real estate sales coach Verl Workman that she will gladly share her listing presentation and pre- listing checklist with other agents for one simple reason: “I am happy to share everything because I have learned that people will copy everything except my hard work.” As Verl explains in RISMedia’s Real Estate magazine, what separates great agents from average agents “is not special knowledge or some secret sauce; it’s hard work and determination.”

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Improve your LinkedIn IQ

Marketing outfit Hubspot rounds up 22 LinkedIn “sins” and offers tips on how to avoid committing them in a recent post. Agents are well aware of the value of a good professional photo (covered in sins Nos. 1 and 2), but the rest of the list covers some less-known LinkedIn don’ts. Also on the topic of LinkedIn, an easy-to-scan infographic shares pointers on how to optimize your profile for “social selling.”

Read the “sin” blog

Find the infographic


How a man with $44,000 in income per month, no debt and a near-perfect credit score came to be denied a mortgage loan

Robb Report Home & Style’s Ultimate Home 2016 is a 14,000-square-foot “English manor house with contemporary appeal” and an 11-car underground garage

Make your workday more productive one small step at the time

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.”


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