Tiny gifts, big impact

Tyler Smith, founder and CEO of real estate software company SkySlope, has an easy and cheap way to keep yourself front-of-mind with past clients and pump up future referrals. “Put junk in your trunk!”

Tyler’s junk is a box full of small goodies that he replenishes once a quarter. His little gifts include:

Bags of popcorn with a note that says, “Just popping by”
Bottles of hand soap with a tag that reads, “Let me know if I can give you a hand”

When he’s driving by a home he sold, Tyler will stop and drop off a tiny gift. He leaves the car engine running so he can easily excuse himself, but the contact is made. “It might seem silly to you, but a gift is never unappreciated, and it’s never meaningless,” Tyler writes.

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“We advertise in many publications, and get outstanding exposure for our clients from Homes & Land. Consistency is what’s important, and we’ve been branding in print for many years. Our sellers are thrilled to see their homes in a high quality magazine, and the online exposure is unparalleled.”


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