Staging for the camera

Staging can help sell a home, and great listing photos are crucial, but staging for photos isn’t the same as staging for a showing in person.

With that in mind, Justin Riordan of the Spade and Archer Design Agency offers his “Top 10 tips for staging a home for photos” in a recent blog.

Tip No. 1 is basic but can be more difficult than it sounds: “Design for the camera, not the end user.” Riordan recommends shooting test shots of a staged room with your phone to see how it will play in photos. Is the light right? Does a furniture arrangement seem wrong? It doesn’t matter if the coffee table is too close to the couch for anyone to sit down — the room just has to look good.

Riordan’s tip for fluffing tired rugs and carpets is wonderfully low-tech: Run a regular old broom over them in random directions.

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After you get those great photos, Homes & Land helps you show them off. Our software will create a Virtual Tour for any listing with six or more photos. You can customize Virtual Tours and share them on YouTube and elsewhere — all from the Homes & Land Control Panel. To learn more, check out a 5-minute Virtual Tours video or talk to your Homes & Land Publisher.

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“I have advertised in Homes & Land for many years. I get many inquiries from the magazine and the website. The service and help with ads is beyond exceptional, along with the staff making it very easy to advertise, and the quality of the ads is excellent. I feel as though Homes & Land has been a great marketing tool.”

— Andy Esbenshade,
Realtor® Berkshire Hathaway Homesale Realty

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