Don’t let rejection get you down

A recent Real Estate Coach RealClues newsletter tackles wise strategies for handling the bane of the sales professional’s existence, rejection, and even turning it into opportunity. Exhibit A is the book Rejection Proof, which chronicles writer Jia Jiang’s 100-day journey through one rejection at a time. Jiang sought out rejections by making unusual requests, such as asking a stranger if he could plant a rosebush in the man’s yard. The homeowner refused, but referred Jiang to a neighbor who welcomed the shrub.

Jiang undertook the 100-day project after realizing that his fear of rejection was more of a hindrance to him than rejection itself. The book is a “must-read for any real estate professional” that can help you cope with refusals in business and daily life, according to RealClues.

Quick recommendations for when the answer is “no”:

“Ask ‘why’ before goodbye,” to give yourself a chance to renegotiate or learn from the situation. (Jiang did this with the rosebush request.)

Ask for something less after you’re turned down once. RealClues cites Robert Cialdini’s classic book Influence to explain that people don’t want to feel like jerks, and so are more likely to agree to a second request.

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