How to be the agent that clients remember

Thanks go to the Orlando Sentinel for the delightful story of real estate pro David Gallup and wife Diana. Every fall before the holidays, Diana bakes and David delivers homemade cinnamon rolls to hundreds of people in Central Florida who have bought a home from him.

The two estimate they have used 1,800 pounds of flour and 45 cups of cinnamon for the weeks-long annual project since 1992.

David has been in business and delivering rolls long enough that some of his customers’ children have grown up to buy property from him. Times change, but a social gesture like sharing fresh pastries still has an edge on social media and digital messaging.

“You’ve got information overload going on, and if you’re getting bombarded in five different directions, what stands out is the hardworking nice guy who will come to your house and deliver cinnamon rolls that his wife made,” one “cinnamon roll baby” and homebuyer told the newspaper.

“The loyalty that we experience is really pretty remarkable,” David, who bills himself “The Hardworking Nice Guy,” told the Sentinel.

Of course, not everyone is going to bake cinnamon rolls and hand-deliver them to clients. But Homes & Land delivers a copy of the magazine directly to the owners of your advertised properties, and sellers tend to think that’s pretty special. Now if only we could get the cinnamon to stick . . .

Read the article and see photos of the Gallups


“Our company has enjoyed many benefits by being a faithful advertiser with Homes & Land of Lancaster County. Homes & Land consistently provides an exceptional publication as well as many other lead-generating opportunities that not only regularly results in sales and new clients, but always provides an exceptional value for our marketing dollars.”

Chris S. Habecker Real Estate, Millersville, Pa.

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