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Homes & Land’s 2015 Readership Survey is complete, and the results are just as we suspected. Our readers are prime buyers and sellers. They’re overwhelmingly interested in real estate — homes for sale and the professionals who make transactions happen.

A majority of survey respondents — 56% — reported that they intend to buy a home within the next year, and 34% plan to buy within six months.

When they see a house they like in the magazine, readers are inclined to:

  • Find the property online — 67%
  • Drive by — 55%
  • Visit the agent’s website — 48%
  • Go to an open house — 30%
  • Call the agent directly — 30%*

Most — 83% — say they’re likely to contact a real estate pro or select a company that advertises in Homes & Land.

Homes & Land readers are in their prime buying years — 73% are ages 35 to 64. They’re affluent and well educated, with 30% reporting a household income of $100,000 or more and 45% saying they have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Both stats beat the national averages.

The Readership Survey was conducted in January and February 2015. A total of 1,936 readers made valid submissions. Results compile responses from those who pick up the magazine at least six times per year.

To read more about the survey results, click here

* Respondents were invited to select multiple answers to this question.

22 ‘hacks’ to get the most
from LinkedIn

Courtesy of online marketing company HubSpot come 22 clever tricks that will help you maximize the LinkedIn platform’s potential as a business tool, including how to:

Send a message to someone who is not a connection even if you’re out of “InMails.”

Hide your connections from competitors.

Customize connection requests from a mobile device.

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Smart tips for first-time buyers

Give real estate newbies some smart advice with the help of a great infographic from Jacob Grant Property Management: “15 money saving tips for first-time home buyers.” The colorful infographic can even be embedded on your website or blog with code provided in the article.

Check out the article and infographic

One print ad, many purposes

A print ad should serve 7 primary functions:

  1. Increase your visibility and further brand you as a leading real estate professional
  2. Enhance your listing presentation
  3. Satisfy your homeowner
  4. Provide information readers might not seek on their own
  5. Generate inquiries via text, email, phone calls or QR codes
  6. Spark interest in areas and neighborhoods that readers might not have considered
  7. Drive traffic online
“Homes & Land has been a godsend to me. I’ve been getting phone calls from Germany, from Hawaii, from all over the country. I will stay with Homes & Land until I retire.”

— Myra Hensley, Prime Mountain Properties


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