Why pink ribbons and partnerships matter in marketing

Why pink ribbons and partnerships matter in marketing

There’s a cause — a mission, a collaboration, a conviction — for everyone to hold closely to their heart. It’s not something to be taken for granted or exploited. It flourishes when thoughtfully aligned with a person or organization’s vision and chosen pathway to success.

Cause marketing generally concentrates on cooperation between a company and a non-profit organization, and is designed to promote the philanthropic goals of the two entities. It’s not to be confused with corporate giving, which is rooted in tax-deductible, charitable donations.

Real estate professionals, whose presence and visibility in local communities are ubiquitous, are in the unique position to lead the way when it comes to giving back or, better yet, “paying it forward” with cause marketing.

Forbes Contributor David Hessekiel writes that the prominence of cause marketing continued to come into focus for many companies in 2013. “In addition to typical pairings of corporations and nonprofits, we saw meaningful alliances take many shapes — even between companies that otherwise view one another as major competitors.”

Cause marketing in real estate is going to look different for every agent or brokerage. It may require some soul searching, but making the effort is sure to have a positive impact in more ways than one.

Colorful campaigns

Whether it’s “going pink” to help fight breast cancer, donning purple for Alzheimer’s disease awareness, or putting on a puzzle-patterned ribbon for autism, there are a number of different ways colors can show support for a cause. Participating in a campaign that uses colors, while including information about partner organizations in your advertisements, can be a great way to raise awareness for the causes you care about.

Positively patriotic

Supporting veterans and military families hits close to home for many Americans. Working with a local or national veterans organization to promote events or assist with fund-raising can be a rewarding partnership, as well as an ideal way for agents to recognize the soldiers and families whose service and sacrifices help sustain the nation.

Home-based help

Habitat for humanity comes to mind when thinking about cause marketing and homes. Humans aren’t the only inhabitants in need of living quarters, though. If you have a soft spot for finding homes for furry friends, supporting animal adoption groups may turn out to be the perfect pet cause.


In stark contrast to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday promotes a spirit of generosity. It’s an outstanding outlet for storytellers, too — GivingTuesday.org collects and shares postings describing the compassionate moments that make a difference and help inspire communities.

There are a number of different ways to make the most out of the abundant opportunities to get involved with the causes that matter most to you — think social media, print advertisements, online banner ads, or participating in events.

Working hard to increase consumer engagement wherever and whenever possible is an important component of your success. Increasing the level of civic engagement goes hand-in-hand with those efforts, while at the same time helping to improve the communities buyers and sellers call home.


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