Manage Your Time – and Stress

by Adrian Amos

A few weeks ago I had dinner with a friend who is struggling with new responsibilities at work. She’s the type of person who likes to finish her to-do list and gets stressed when things are left undone. I shared some of our time management tips with her and thought I’d re-share them with you too. Just in case you’re feeling overwhelmed:

• Modify your “To-Do” List
List the 6 most important things for next 2 days and assign an estimated time value to each. The total time should be no more than 6 hours. This leaves you plenty of time for each day’s surprises. Also, try to complete the most important thing by 11 am – that way you have more time and energy to focus on the unexpected when it does occur.

• Set specific times to answer email (and texts)
Set specific times to answer email, like early morning, at noon, and at the end of the day. If you’re constantly responding to email, then you are not managing your time, the people sending you email are. My friend said she needs to check her email frequently to handle emergencies throughout the day, but she could compromise and only respond at specific times, which will minimize the interruptions. Find a balance that works for you.

• Stop – If an activity does not yield business, why do it? Stop and do something else. The best business consultant ever, Peter Drucker, said we could stop 50% of what we do with no detrimental effect to our bottom line.

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