Timing Your Elevator Pitch

from Idea Transplant

Often there is little time to do your elevator pitch. Seth Godin said the other day that no one has ever bought anything in an elevator: in other words a very short elevator pitch consisting of 2 sentences with hollow buzz words is not going to excite anyone.

Instead, you need to add more specifics to intrigue the prospect to invite you to another occasion where there is more time to discuss your services.

But sometimes, elevator pitches become less effective when you take too much time. You start adding details and providing facts, which takes the energy out of your presentation and requires time to close the deal. There is a dip between the perfect short pitch, and the full-length 25 minute story. Do not get stopped in the middle, it is better to keep it short.

Sample Pitches:

  • “I’m a real estate agent concentrating on historic homes like the Betton Hills neighborhood in mid-town.”
  • “I help people figure out why exactly their house is not selling, how can they get it sold, and if they like, I will even sell it for them.”
    [from Real Estate Agent Alliance:]

The key is to keep it short, succinct and say something of interest to the prospect.

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