What You May Not Know About Rudolf’s Red Nose

by Adrian Amos

I know we’ve all seen the timeless Rudolf cartoon that shows his rise to fame in the North Pole. You remember, he traveled to the Island of Misfit toys with the elf-wannabe-dentist Kirby, and had to escape the abdominal snowman. What you may not know is that while Kirby was studying dentistry, Rudolf was reading up on marketing strategies. After being teased and shunned by all the other reindeer for his unique red glowing nose, Rudolf realized he needed to improve his image in Santa’s Village.

See, village residents are no strangers to the concept of branding – after all, Santa is a Brand Mastermind. So Rudolf started thinking of ways to make his red nose more desirable. He started with placing subtle posters in the break room that said “Red is the New Black” and others that showed fashionable accessories that glowed.

Then Rudolf expanded his message to other areas of the village and updated the images used to start associating himself with these new glowing, red trends. The extra-foggy Christmas Eve was really just a bonus. Santa had already been conditioned that Rudolf was someone he needed on his team.

The rest, as we know is history.

We at Homes & Land hope you have a safe and happy holiday!
See you next year.

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