The Extraordinary Shelf-Life of Homes & Land

by Adrian Amos

We’ve said before that one of the benefits of advertising in Homes & Land magazine is its shelf-life – something that websites and newspapers just can’t duplicate. Last week we received incredible proof of the shelf-life of Homes & Land.

Homes & Land has a request line, where home buyers can call a toll free number or go online and order a magazine from across the US and Canada. Before the Internet, we also included request cards inside the magazines themselves. Last week we received one of these cards.

Homes & Land Request line card

A couple of things to notice in the request card above:

  • The expected move date is 2013 so the card was recently mailed, not just lost-in-transit for decades
  • The internal identifier in the lower right corner shows that this card was inserted in the magazine in 1989 (plus this is a H&L logo that hasn’t been used since the early ‘90s)

Our reader in Mount Vernon, NY kept her Homes & Land magazine for 22 years. Talk about shelf-life!

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