How to Connect With Home Sellers

by Rob Wicker

Over one-third of home sellers contact at least two or more agents before selling their home, according to the NAR’s latest Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Not surprisingly, what sellers want most from their agent is help in marketing their home to potential buyers.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the other agents and win in a competitive listing situation? As we all know, every agent is going to toss out the names of the websites they plan to use, so that’s not much of a differentiator.

Consider this, 87% of all sellers are 35 or older, and 68% of sellers are 45 or older. This means that they grew up using the printed page as a primary source of information. These home sellers like seeing their property advertised in something tangible.

That’s one of the reasons our advertisers tell us that Homes & Land is a powerful listing tool. We help separate you from your competition.

The nice thing about Homes & Land is that we deliver so much more than print—online syndication including luxury web partners, direct mail, and mobile and social media tools. If your listing presentation needs more firepower, consider Homes & Land.

See all of the benefits that Homes & Land provides at

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