Funny Friday: MLS Bloopers

AGBeat real estate blog recently shared the following MLS listing bloopers & commentary:

Is This Your Bio?

“Ass is” (As ass does?)

“Beautiful arched widows” (Wow – that’s gotta hurt…)

“No bank owe” (Uh, bank owe bigtime to U.S. taxpayers, pal.)

“Agetn Remarsk” (That’s hard to say with martini onions stuck up your nose, isn’t it?)

“Evacuated – EZ show” (Proudly listed by FEMA Realty and Salvage, Inc.)

The Shat Heard ‘Round the World

“Shat-off has been installed” (Another career down the crapper.)

“Must hold until Tuesday” (Try releasing your shat-off valve…)

“Set amongst lovely pines and okra” (Can I get a side of grits with that?)

“Newly bloated” (So are my ankles, but I’m not advertising it, Fat Fran!)

“New Korean on counters” (Empty Jack Daniels on floor..)

Editorialize or Memorialize

“…Get a home lone” (Get a Funk and Wagnalls.)

“Hug trees in back” (After you, Birkenstock Betty.)

“House has fukny paint scheme” (Agent has fukny career prospects.)

“Include cops when submitting” (Sorry, bubba – I only submit to George Clooney.)

And The Dubious Distinction Award Goes To:

“Previous owner died in accidental fire. Lower level may have hazardous air quality.” ( Ya think???)

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