Advertising That Works

by Rob Wicker

Advertisers have more options than ever. Yet magazines continue to be used by major marketers, including technology giants like Google, Facebook, and especially Apple.

Why? Because magazine advertising works.

Magazine readership is up among all age groups, and readers spend an average of 43 minutes per issue. Consumers report that magazines deliver “pure pleasure, control, and escape.”

And magazines hold your attention. Magazine readers are the least likely of all media users to engage in other activities. (Consider all the things you try to do when you’re watching television.)

Marketers have a word for this type of engagement: “Sticky.” It means that a medium captures the consumer’s attention for a long time. Stickiness is one of the reasons magazines work so well for advertisers.

Need proof? Give a copy of Homes & Land magazine to a friend or family member and watch what happens.

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