Put Testimonials to Work for You

If you’re planning a large purchase, chances are you’re going to do all the research you can before committing to buy. With real estate, not only will consumers be researching potential homes, but they’ll be looking at WHO they’re choosing to represent them. Testimonials are a good way to put a prospect’s mind at ease when they choose you for an agent. Michael Russer (aka Mr. Internet) offers suggestions on how to get more testimonials and online reviews from your past clients:

So how can you generate more reviews or client testimonials? Ask them! More than likely people don’t think about writing a review of their experience unless they’re asked. Having a written review or testimonial is great because:
– It gives you a direct quote to add to your website (with their permission, of course).
– It allows them to think through their experience and when friends ask them about it, they’ll already have thought through the answer!

Here are 3 great ways to gather reviews:
1. Ask for reviews in your monthly newsletter or weekly email.
2. Setup a Yelp or Trulia account. Both of these offer mass email options that you can send to your database.
3. Ask for reviews on your Social Media sites. If others see great reviews on your Facebook or Twitter page, this can encourage them to do the same!

Having a testimonial page on your website and reviews on other social media sites can allow potential clients to get a feel for how you deal with clients and the services you offer. It also gives you more credibility and builds that trust that people are looking for in a real estate agent.


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