Three Proven Tips to Generate Business Now

To generate new business in today’s market, Michael Russer (aka Mr. Internet) suggests targeting FSBO’s and expired listings – the majority of which need to sell and have no other options available.

Russer offers three proven tips to tap into these market opportunities:

  • Sell the appointment, not your service – Many agents make the mistake of selling their services over the phone. The only thing you want to use the phone for is to get that in-person appointment. So get good, real good, at selling the appointment.
  • Be their advocate – FSBO’s and Expired’s tend to be stressed out and just a little bit cynical about Realtors. Make it clear that you are there to help them achieve all of their goals, whether or not you get the listing.

  • Have an irresistible marketing plan – have something that will make them go “Wow!” when it comes to selling their property. Something that most other agents in your area are not likely to offer.

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