Easily Post Attractive Listings on CraigsList.org with Homes & Land

The extremely popular online classified website Craigslist.org receives over half a billion visits per month and is the 13th largest website in the world. Homes & Land helps advertisers tap into this huge audience with easy to create, attractive listing ads that are specifically designed for Craigslist’s platform.

Unfortunately, Craigslist does not accept any data feeds, so Realtors® are required to manually input listings on the site. This can be tedious and time consuming. Homes & Land’s new Control Panel feature makes it easy. Just click “share” to generate listing detail code and then copy and paste this code into your Craigslist ad.

An attractive, searchable ad is created in minutes. The property description, multiple photos and your contact information are all automatically included.

All you have to do is click the share button, then copy and paste.

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2 responses to “Easily Post Attractive Listings on CraigsList.org with Homes & Land

  1. William Humphrey

    I have several rural properties and some 3 with good houses. I am looking for buyers who want to move out of cities and enjoy safer places and lower taxes. Wm vagga3341@yahoo.com. Many are very suitable for “preppers “…….. They are in Texas and in Alabama
    Please don’t flood me with uninvited emails. I am simply interested in finding the right firm to help me. Thanks

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