QR Codes: Helpful Tools or Just Hype?

by Adrian Amos

QR Codes are the new buzz in marketing real estate. Are they truly helpful tools or just the latest hype?

In February 2011, Baltimore public relations firm MGH, Inc. surveyed 415 smartphone users on QR Code usage. Here are a few of their findings:

  • 52% of respondents have used a QR Code to access additional information
  • 70% will likely use a QR Code again
  • 72% are more likely to remember an ad that contained a QR Code

“QR Codes create an opportunity for a consumer to quickly and easily access information,” said RISMedia contributor Nick Snoot. “Even if you think they will fade away down the road, now is the time to capitalize on QR Code technology.”

This is easy to do with Homes & Land. Instantly create and include a QR Code in your ad directly from the Control Panel. Here’s how.

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