Tips For Making Your Website Better

by Rob Wicker

I recently attended the Xplode Conference in Destin, Florida. There was an interesting presentation by Eric Stegemann from the Tribus Group.  

Attendees at Xplode were asked to submit their websites for a free critique. The only catch was that the critique was done in public as an educational exercise.

These are some of the suggestions made by Stegemann:

  1. Your contact information should be prominently displayed at the right-hand top of the page because this is the most viewed spot on a website.
  2. The website under review featured rolling waves and a beach built in Flash. Stegeman made the point that because a lot of people use IPhones and IPads, Flash is probably not a good choice since neither device is Flash-friendly.
  3. People come to your site for four things: a. to see properties b. to find out how the market is doing c. to find out how much their home is worth d. for local information such as schools, shopping, culture, etc.
  4. Because most people are looking for a home, make sure the SEARCH box is prominently displayed near the top of the page.
  5. Keep in mind that a visitor to your site should not have to think about where to find something or what to do next. Everything on the site is easily identified and intuitive.

If you’re wondering about the design of your own site, Tribus offers a free website analysis. Just go to and click Shredder, then fill out the drop-down box. The company also offers a variety of other real estate related services.

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