The Golden Rule of Marketing

by Rob Wicker

The key to effective sales and marketing is to focus on what is important to your prospect. This means that in your printed materials, website copy and communications, the word you should appear far more frequently than  I or we.

Marketer Robert Clay offers this simple exercise to see how effectively you are using this Golden Rule. Gather all of your marketing materials, website content, direct mail and correspondence. Then get a red highlighter and a green highlighter.

With the red pen, highlight every time you see the words I, me, my, we, our, or us.

Use the green pen to highlight every you, your, or the other person’s name or company.

Then count all of the green and red highlights. For your marketing communication to be effective, Clay suggests that you should have five greens to every red. If the ratio is the other way, you have a serious communication problem.

In marketing, it’s all about you – not me.

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