Little Things = Big Impact

by Adrian Amos

You know how much you appreciate getting a referral for new business. How good are you about showing your appreciation for the referral?

About a year ago, my insurance changed and I had to find a new dentist for my daughter. I needed to find someone who was in-plan, accepted new patients, and took children – not an easy combination. I found a family dentist who could meet my criteria, and I liked this dentist and his office staff so much that I switched to him myself. Several of my friends also needed dental work, and I told them about my new dentist. Over the past year I’ve brought him three new patients, in addition to my daughter and me.

I’ve never received any acknowledgement for the referrals. (I know it shouldn’t, but this annoys me.)

I also really like my vet. I’ve referred a handful of people to her over the years too. Each time her office sent me a postcard or a personal note thanking me for the referral.

Guess which one of these professionals is more likely to get ongoing referrals from me?

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